Words of Praise

Cindy Johnson-Groh, Executive Director of Linnaeus Arboretum

Simply put, the CVR programs allow me to examine my purpose in a variety of ways and venues. I have participated in numerous CVR programs and have learned from each one.


Social justice travel (both Guatemala and Namibia): understanding the way others live affects how I live my life. These trips allow me to incorporate materials into the classroom based on experience.

Sharon Parks summer workshop: this workshop helped me understand the importance of community and hearth in my own life and has helped me think about that for students.

Books: I have been exposed to many different books on purpose, faith and vocation through the CVR which I likely would have not been exposed to otherwise.

The CVR is an important office to have at Gustavus. It provides all of us with a place, workshop, book, or conversation that allows each of us to look inward and examine why we do the things we do. In a world that spins too fast and leaves little time, space, or reason to question such purpose, it is especially important to have this resource. No matter how old, each of us has different life questions, quests and yearnings that need to be examined in a manor that is safe, constructive, and reflective.