Prospective Members

Servant Leadership Program

The SLP engages students in critical and purposeful ways—providing the time, space, and resources for students to deeply explore who they are and how they, as servant leaders, contribute to positive and lasting transformation in themselves, their communities, and world around them. Participating in the SLP provides the foundation for lives of meaningful service and authentic leadership through focus on:

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  • Self-Discovery
  • Vocation
  • Integrated Learning
  • Hands-on Service

The Servant Leadership Program invites interested students to apply for the Servant Leadership Program. The program is open to students who are passionate about leadership and contributing to their peers, campus, and community. Participants applying will be selected on the basis of an application and a personal interview with current members and advisors of the SLP.

Why join SLP?

Members will explore passions and leadership by practicing self-awareness, empathy, and living with purpose. Furthermore, members will engage with others through conversation, service, and creating a shared vision.


Members will identify an individual learning plan to foster increased self-awareness and growth. Additionally, members will work in groups to create a movement for an issue that you recognize on our campus, in our community or in our world.


Bi-monthly facilitated large group meetings held on Monday evenings and bi-monthly small group, peer-driven circles.

For further information regarding the SLP or the application process, please email

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