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Servant Leadership Program

The SLP engages students in critical and purposeful ways—providing the time, space, and resources for students to deeply explore who they are and how they, as servant leaders, contribute to positive and lasting transformation in themselves, their communities, and world around them. Participating in the SLP provides the foundation for lives of meaningful service and authentic leadership through focus on:

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  • Self-Discovery
  • Vocation
  • Integrated Learning
  • Hands-on Service

All new members must apply to become an Apprentice for their first year with the program. In subsequent years members will have the opportunity to further develop their inner-selves by connecting with the broader community through meaningful partnerships and research projects as Ambassadors and Partners. Each Apprentice receives an annual stipend of $300, as well as $100 for personal growth, to assist in professional development, purchase materials, and support community engagement. Additionally, each Apprentice agrees to attend two monthly meetings, held every other Monday from 6:30–8:30 pm, as well as volunteer with an on-going service program for one to two hours each week. For further information regarding the SLP, Apprentice cohort, or the application process, please email

To participate in the Servant Leadership Program at Gustavus Adolphus College, please complete and submit the forms by August 13.

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