About Us

The Center for Servant Leadership

Deep Purpose/Need

We live in enormously challenging and exciting times, times of unprecedented peril and promise for our communities and for the earth. People of every age and in all walks of life hunger for a sense of wholeness, meaning, and purpose in their lives. They yearn for a deeper, more truthful connection with themselves, with those around them, with Mysteries and Realities that are greater than themselves, and with the world we share. In these fractured, tumultuous, yet tremendously energized times, Gustavus embraces the critical task of equipping people to lead and serve in a broken world with courage, vision, compassion, and integrity. There is an increasingly urgent need for the distinctive contributions that Gustavus, as a church-related liberal arts college, can make in preparing people to make a positive difference for others and to strive for a more just and peaceful world. The Center for Servant Leadership helps the College to contribute to the crucial work of higher education to foster active and informed citizenship, to develop passions and skills for civic engagement, to nourish capacities for critical and integrative thinking, to create shared solutions to significant public problems, and to contribute to the common good.

What does the Center do?

The Center will initiate, undertake, and support projects to:

  • offer diverse avenues for people to ponder the intersections of inquiry, engagement, and community leadership.
  • invite and equip community members to consider more deeply their vocation
  • invite and equip students, faculty, and community partners to engage in meaningful, effective, and mutually beneficial community-based learning
  • communicate more effectively (to persons on- and off-campus) the identity of the College, and to strengthen the mutually beneficial relationship of the College and the members of the Association of Congregations.
  • nourish existing partnerships and develop new partnerships to serve these ends
  • model the integration of learning which contributes to the mending of the world.