The Crossroads Program

Crossroads brings together international and domestic students with a passion and curiosity for language and culture. These students elect to live in the intentional learning community of Carlson International Center. Crossroads members work to understand themselves and the world by exploring global issues and creating programming to educate the entire campus community.

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Applications Due March 9, 2016.  





French 'priest killer' on probation

The suspected killer of a priest in a French church was on probation and wearing a tag at the time of the attack, officials say.

France church attack: Hollande vows to fight extremism

President Hollande says the Islamist threat to France and Europe has never been as severe as now and vows to win the fight against radicalisation.

Democrats set for historic nomination of Hillary Clinton

Delegates at the Democratic National Convention are poised to make history, formally nominating Hillary Clinton for president.

Rio 2016: Russian drug cheats will still be at Olympics, say whistleblowers

Russian drug cheats will still be competing at the Rio Olympic Games despite recent efforts to target them, whistleblowers tell the BBC.

Priest, nuns taken hostage in France

One hostage has been killed in a standoff in a church in the town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, in France's Normandy region Tuesday, CNN affiliate BFMTV reports.

Girl, 14, dies after second rape

A 14-year-old girl died Sunday in another case of a lower-caste woman allegedly being raped by the same man twice in India.

Is Russia trying to influence U.S. election?

Whoever orchestrated the release of emails hacked from the Democratic Party computers knew exactly what they were doing. But while there's no question the content of the emails matters, it's worth widening the lens for some important and troubling context to the hack, context that points to outside interference from an outside power.

Solar Impulse: Around the world with zero fuel

The first aircraft powered solely by the sun made a historic landing in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, completing the 25,000 mile, round-the-world journey that began in March 2015.