The Crossroads Program

Crossroads brings together international and domestic students with a passion and curiosity for language and culture. These students elect to live in the intentional learning community of Carlson International Center. Crossroads members work to understand themselves and the world by exploring global issues and creating programming to educate the entire campus community.

Crossroads/International Center Applications are Available Now!.
Applications Due March 9, 2016.  





EU-Canada trade deal: Belgians break Ceta deadlock

Belgium's regions back the deadlocked EU-Canada trade deal after agreeing on additional clauses.

Rio 2016: Wada publishes report highlighting 'serious failings' at Olympic Games

A Wada report on the anti-doping methods employed at Rio 2016 highlights "serious failings" at this summer's Olympic Games.

Syria conflict: UN urges inquiry into deadly air strike on school

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon demands an immediate inquiry into an air strike that killed children in Syria.

Twitter axes Vine video service

Social network Twitter announces it will close its video sharing service Vine.

Yemen food crisis leaves millions at risk of starving

The UN World Food Programme fears "an entire generation could be crippled by hunger" as the food crisis in war-torn Yemen grows worse.

They hid in their dorm room until ISIS fighters left

After fleeing ISIS in Mosul, 7 Christian college women hid for hours under their dorm room beds from militants after they broke into their sanctuary in Kirkuk.

Venezuela protests: 'They are going to have to listen'

Anti-government demonstrators pushing for a presidential recall vote in Venezuela had a message as they marched Wednesday: We won't take no for an answer.

NATO bolsters presence in Eastern Europe as Russia tension rises

The UK has deployed hundreds of troops to Eastern Europe as NATO continues to bolster its presence in the face of perceived Russian provocation.