Heather Meyers '05 cont'd.

... I enjoyed finding psychology in law and legal theory and engaging my Election Law classmates and professor, as we were conversing about James Madison’s reasoning of what a successful democratic republic should look like, in a conversation about group think. Outside of the classroom, I clerked for a legal aid agency and while clerking I was able to apply my substantive knowledge of the law, written and oral advocacy skills, and my passion for helping others. As a certified student attorney, I advocated for low-income clients who had either lost, or were at risk of losing, their affordable housing. I represented clients in judicial and administrative hearings, negotiated settlements on behalf of my clients, drafted a federal complaint, and more simply but no less importantly, provided my clients with a listening ear. I felt the most intrinsically satisfied when I called a client to tell her that we successfully argued in her administrative hearing for the reinstatement of her Section 8 voucher. I also found that my undergraduate degree in psychology provided me with valuable insight. For instance, I was able to at times recognize clients who were struggling with depression or other mental health issues and lend support and/or refer to appropriate social service agencies.

I graduated with honors from Hamline with a Juris Doctor in May 2009 and immediately thereafter began studying for the Minnesota bar exam. What a grueling process!!! I sat for the bar exam on July 28th and 29th, 2009. Last October, I learned that I indeed passed, and on October 30th, I, along with over 800 others, was sworn into the Minnesota State Bar as a licensed attorney! Currently, I am seeking a career in the legal or social services profession in which I can apply the skills I gained while at Gustavus and Hamline. In the interim, I am also immersing myself in volunteer opportunities as they arise, such as judging middle school debates. I am ever so grateful to the Gustavus Psychology Department for providing me with a challenging yet fulfilling education and the tools to achieve a legal education.

Update:  I have (recently) received an offer to join Affordable Housing Connections, Inc. AHC is located in St. Paul and partners with funders and owners of various properties to oversee compliance, train, and consult regarding rules and regulations of affordable housing programs, such as the Section 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. I am very excited to begin my journey into the professional world!

If you are a psychology student and are pondering law school, feel free to contact me!