Emil’s Epilogue - May 2008 graduation cap and certificate
Gustie Psych News & Events

Congratulations to all of the graduating psychology and psychology honors majors! A special thank you to the many terrific student assistants and academic assistants who helped in the department this year!

Gustavus Psychology Majors present at MUPC

Gustavus was well represented at the Saturday, April 26th Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference (MUPC) at Hamline University. Oral presentations were given by:

  • Lindsey Carlson - Social Networking and Internet Applications
  • Katie Jensen - False Memories: The Effect of Confidence Ratings on Free Recall Tests
  • Sarah Erickson - Ego-Identity Formation Reflected in Autobiographical Memories during Emerging Adulthood
  • Jessica Woulfe - Self-Efficacy: Influences on self-efficacy and its relations to culture
  • Taylor Olson - Sexually Aggressive Interactions Between Men and Women

Poster presentations were given by:

  • Stephanie Johnson - An Investigation of the Relationship between the Weapon Focus Effect and In-Group Bias
  • Matt Novakovic and Eric Miller - The Relationship Between Empathy, Mirror Neuron Activity, and Heart Rate
  • Emma Espel - A Longitudinal Study of Vocational Development in College Students


Gustavus Neuroscience Minors at MidBrains Conference

Eight neuroscience minors - Brandon Baartman, Danielle Gergen, Stephen Howard, Asitha Jayawardena, Kristine McGlennen, Nick Murray, Chris Stark, and Amy Veerkamp - presented posters and talks on their research at the Midbrains Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference of the Midwest at Macalester College on May 3. Faculty sponsors included Patricia Costello (psychology), Michael Ferragamo (biology), Heather Wenk (biology), and Janine Wotton (psychology).

Oral Presentations were given by:

  • Nick Murray (Biology) and Danielle Gergen (Biology) - Teased-fiber electrophysiological characterization of isolated plantar nerve fibers responsive to Mucuna pruriens induced pruritus
  • Kristine McGlennen (Biology and Psychology) - Semantic priming during binocular suppression

Poster presentations were given by:

  • Danielle Gergen (Biology), Steve Howard (Biology and Psychology), Kristine McGlennen (Biology and Psychology) and Chris Stark (Biology and Psychology) - Brain Awareness Week: Capstone teaching experience
  • Stephen Howard (Biology) - VIVIT peptide attenuates pro-inflammatory proteins and activated microglia and astrocyte levels in a murine model of brain inflammation
  • Brandon Baartmen (Biology) - ASIC3 and P2X involvement in ischemic pain sensation
  • Amy Veerkamp (Psychology) - Simulated hearing loss in college students influence the perception of vowels in context
  • Asitha Jayawardena (Biology) - Auditory characterization of Periplaneta americana

Gustavus Spring '08 Psychology Research Symposium

Poster Presentations
  • • The Effect of the Color Red on Performance - Isaac Perry, Paul Galvanspring 08
    • The Effects of Attachment on Forgiving Transgressions in Romantic Relationships - Emma Iverson, Erin Fredrick, Becky Carlson
    • The Perception of Color and Approach and Avoidance Motivation in an chievement Context - Andre Supplee, Sarah Jabar, Leah Genck
    • Test Anxiety Presented as a Stigma, Measurement of Debilitating and Facilitating
    Anxiety and Performance on Academic Tests - Graham Plys, Jake Holsten, John Hedstrom
    • The Effects of Music on Visual Stimuli - Alex Prieve, Kelly Chaudoin
    • The Matching Hypothesis: A Study in Same-Sex Friendships and Engaged Couples -
    Maggie Hansvick, Carly Ernst
    • The Effects of Experimenters’ Attitudes and Behaviors on Performance of Participants - spring 08Abbe Paulhe, Jenna Johnson
    • The Effects of Mood Induction on Memory: Does Gender Matter? - Kari Jacobsen, Jenny Grundman
    • Categorization of Simple Aspects - Alex Link, Lisa Ikier
    • Task completion and Stress Levels - Katie Layman, Steph Peterson
    • The Effects of Self-Esteem and Mortality Salience on Food Intake among Women -
    Lauren Crome, Katie Nelson
  • • Religion, Priming and Prosocial Behavior - Skylar Schulz, Josh Busacker
  • • Influence of Childhood Movies on Love Scale ratings in College Students - Chelise Deno, Lisa Julin
  • • Simulated Hearing Loss in College Students - Amy Veerkamp
  • • Patterns of Identity Development in Young Adults from Holden Village - Becky Carlson, Emma Espel, Eryn Nelson
  • • Family Dynamic and Social Tendencies - Allison Cooney
  • • The Effect of Social Interaction and Physical Activity of Learning Capabilities of Rats - Holly Andersen, Amanda George, Theo Roth
  • • Personality Variables and the Mirror Neuron System - Eric Miller
  • • Memory Recall in Undergraduate Students - Jesus Espina-Velosa, Lindsay Werder
Psychology Honors Oral Presentations

Naomi Garbisch

  • Co-Rumination and Autobiographical Memory

Alicia Blomquist

  • Mental Health, Illness, and Ideals on the Gustavus Adolphus Campus

Taylor Olson

  • Sexually Aggressive Interactions Between Men and Women

Matt Novakovic

  • The Relationship Between Empathy, Mirror Neuron Activity, and Heart Rate

Lindsey Cattau

  • Religious Orientation and Stress

Jessica Woulfe

  • Self-Efficacy and Culture: A Comparison of Denmark and the United States

Stephanie Johnson

  • An Investigation of the Relationship between the Weapon Focus Effect and In-Group Bias

Katie Jensen

  • The Effect of Confidence Ratings on Free Recall Tests

Lindsey Carlson

  • Responding to Ostracism: Self- Esteem Repair Through Facebook Profile Creation

Sarah Erickson

  • Ego Identity Formation Reflected in Autobiographical Memories During Emerging Adulthood

Kim Maurelli

  • The Influence of Description and Recognition Processes on Verbal Overshadowing

Poster and presentation files that are submitted to lsande@gustavus.edu in either pdf or Powerpoint format will be archived for a limited period of time for student reference. Contact Lee in SSC 04 for more information.

Psychology Major Picnic at the home of Dick and Kathie Martin

Thanks to the Dick and Kathie Martin for hosting the Spring Psychology Picnic for Majors - Perfect weather, wonderful fare and great company. picnic



Did you Know? Spotlight on an ALUM...

Ann Marie (Miller) Winskowski '04

When I graduated from Gustavus in 2004, psychology degree in hand, I knew that eventually I would pursue postgraduate study. Exactly what that would mean for me, I was not certain. It was my good fortune to obtain a dual position at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center (VA)-as a vocational counselor for a work therapy program, and a research coordinator for a study focused on the transition of recently returned veterans from Iraqi and Afghan combat zones to civilian life. From these experiences, I have gleaned a wealth of knowledge about the field of psychology and about myself. My position as research coordinator has helped me to appreciate the scientific process, the complications of studying broad psychological concepts, and the integration of research into practice. Research at the VA looks at many factors of adjustment and trauma to determine which factors may be important to positive functioning. As a vocational counselor, I have been afforded the opportunity to work one on one with clients managing serious and persistent mental illnesses as they learn the vocational and social skills necessary for employment. This experience has helped me to realize my passion and strength for working directly with people in a therapeutic setting. After working at the VA for two years, I entered the master's program in counseling psychology at the University of St. Thomas, through which program I was given the opportunity to serve as a therapist at a community outpatient clinic in Minneapolis called the Neighborhood Involvement Program (NIP). I provide personal counseling for individuals with a wide variety of mental health concerns and also for those that have survived the trauma of rape or sexual assault. In May, I received my master's degree in counseling and this fall will continue my work at the VA and my education at St. Thomas in their PsyD program. At this point in my academic journey I find myself thankful for the people and experiences that have shaped me and look forward to what lies ahead. -

  • Publications I have been involved with through my work at the VA: Harris, J.; Erbes, C.; Engdahl, B.; Olson, R.; Winskowski, A. & McMahill, J. (2008). Christian religious functioning and trauma outcomes. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 64(1), p.17-29. Harris, J.; Winskowski, A. & Engdahl, B. (2007). Types of workplace social support in the prediction of job satisfaction. The Career Development Quarterly. 56(2), p.150-156.

Did you Know? Spotlight on Faculty

Mark Lammers (music) and Mark Kruger (psychology) had their book review of This is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession (by D.J. Levitin, published by Dutton in 2006) published in the journal Psychology of Music (April 2008, Vol. 36, No. 2).

Psi Chi News

Psi Chi New Member Induction was held on Thursday, April 17, 2008

psi chi cropped

Pictured front row left to right: Officers Brittney Lovdahl, Taylor Olson, Sarah Erickson and Katie Nelson. Second row: Jessica Malmquist, Erin Watt, Carly Ernst, Jennifer Grundman, Emma Iverson, Ashley Martin, and Megan Taylor. Third row: Maggie Hansvick, Rebecca Carlson, Karie Jacobsen, Joshua Busacker, Margaret Dorer and Amy Veerkamp. Inductees not pictured are Noemi Lopez, Lor Moua, Christopher Stark, Kelly Chaudoin, Theodore Roth, and Susan Kramer.

Other Department Happenings

Psychology Majors who participated in the Friday evening, May 2, inaugural event of the Celebration of Creative Inquiry, had the opportunity to share their projects with students and faculty across disciplines. A panorama of photos can be seen at: http://flickr.com/photos/24337020@N07/sets/72157604908628691/

Bowling with the profs... Tuesday, May 13th...





Psychology-related Links

The Minnapolis Star Trib has provided a website in which students can search for jobs, research companies, participate in a "Healthy Discussion"  message board/blog, view healthcare events calendar and more. (Please let the department know if this is a helpful link or if this is an unhelpful link.)

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The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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