Jerry Nowell


Assistant Chief Technology Officer in Gustavus Technology Services and Director in Web Services

In my first year at NDSU, I was introduced to a delightful piece of software called Mosaic. It allowed me to look at things others had created on something known as the World Wide Web.

As a history major, this new technology was nothing more than an occasional diversion—a hobby to fill the hours between classes and studying for exams. I taught myself how to use Photoshop so that I could make my creations a little more attractive, and soon after, I discovered that these skills were in demand.

My first job was at The Forum newspaper in the exuberant days leading up to the big dot-com bust. I learned a lot about online journalism, honed my design skills, and found various roles as designer, project manager, operations manager, and ultimately, content manager.

My misguided enthusiasm led me to leave The Forum to attempt publishing. I co-founded the region's first technology magazine, Tech Times. This short-lived venture left me a little poorer, but much wiser. I, along with my partner, quit the publishing business and went to work for the Network Center. I helped to establish their in-house agency, but I quickly grew disillusioned with the agency model.

My wife and I left Fargo for the serene hills of Pierre, South Dakota, where I spent four years as the E-Commerce Coordinator for the Department of Tourism. I led the department's online marketing efforts, guided them through a website redesign, and managed several extensive development projects. Somewhere along the way, we also had our first son.

As new parents, we longed to provide the perfect environment in which to raise our child. We moved to Saint Peter in 2005, and I now devote most of my time and skill to raising two sons. What little remains is given to Gustavus, where I help others create things on something known as the World Wide Web.


B.S., History, North Dakota State University; M.S., Information Systems, Minot State University