Process for Ordering Business Cards

Go to the marketing home page ( On the left hand side of the page, click on "Order Business Cards." That link will bring you to the vendor.

Your user name is your complete e-mail address, it must include not Your temporary password is your last name, with the first letter capitalized. If your last name is shorter than 6 characters, add sequential numbers until you reach 6 characters (example: Hall12, Lee123).

For example:

  • Username:
    Password: Siebels


  • Username:
    Password: Lamb12

(Once you have signed in the first time you can change your password)

After you log in, click on the catalog tab and then business cards. When your order has been created, our department receives an e-mail to approve the order. You will pay for your cards using your Wells Fargo credit card. You can order quantities of 100, 250, 500 or 1000. We don't have to wait for a minimum number of orders to have the cards printed and shipped.

Ordering Costs
Quantity Price
100 $28.00
250 $30.00
500 $36.00
750 $42.00
1000 $48.00