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Acquisitions Coordinator: Diane Christensen

The Acquisitions Department provides a full range of services in ordering, receiving, and invoicing of library materials for the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library. We can order books, DVDs, CD-roms, music scores, and recorded music for both the Library. At this site, you will find links to information for acquisition services and other related resources that are helpful to building library collections.

Book Ordering

The Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library welcomes suggestions for materials that support teaching and study. Before submitting a suggestion, please check the Library catalog to see if the material you wish is owned by our library. We generally do not purchase duplicates of items in the collection. A librarian may contact you about your request.

  1. Acquisition Order Cards are used for make suggestions to the library collection. Please fill out the order form as completely as possible to enable the library to correctly identify the material you would like purchased. All material requests should be sent to the Librarian Liaison or directly to the Acquisitions Department for approval. A supply of order cards is available in the Acquisitions department or can be sent to departments upon request.
  2. Online Ordering is available on the library homepage. Please fill out the order form as completely as possible to enable the library to correctly identify the material you would like purchased. (Order Form)
  3. Rush Orders will be handled as quickly as possible. Departments should be prepared for delays if the material is out of print, from a foreign vendor or may not be readily available.

Gifts of Materials to the Library

The library is pleased to accept gifts of books, recordings and other library materials and is grateful for the consideration shown by donors. However, because of limitations on staffing, shelving space, and the need to maintain collections which directly support the curricular needs of the college, donations can only be accepted under certain conditions:

  1. The item is appropriate in subject matter to the disciplines taught on the campus and to the general liberal arts.
  2. The value of an item is predetermined by the donor, i.e., the library cannot appraise the value of material donated.
  3. The donated item is handled at the discretion of the library faculty and staff who will determine appropriateness of subject, condition of the individual items, whether or not any individual item will be added to the collection, and disposal of the item to book sales, other libraries, or recycling.
  4. Material donated will not be returned to the donor.

See also: Gift Books - Form.

Acquisitions Resources for Departments
  • Library Liaisons A librarian works with each department to tailor library collections and services to the needs of the curriculum. Departments also designate one faculty member to work with the library.
  • Approval slips are used for some departments to assist in book selection. If your department is interested in this feature, please contact your librarian liaison.
  • Budget Reports for each department are available upon request from the Acquisitions Coordinator or ask your librarian liaison.
  • Departmental Reviews Library information, including a collection assessment, comparative collection data and services provided to researchers in the discipline, will be provided for departmental external reviews. This information can be obtained by contacting your librarian liaison.
  • Journal Suggestions should also be made through your librarian liaison.
  • Ordering
    1. Audio Visual (please contact your library liaison)
    2. Music
    3. Journals
    4. Books

Searching for Books
  • Out-of-Print Materials: The library will regularly attempt to acquire out-of-print materials that are not automatically located or are canceled through the normal vendor processes. Searching for out-of-print materials is labor and time intensive, thus it will be carried out as time permits. The acquisitions coordinator and the librarian serving as collection development librarian will coordinate the pursuit of such items. The librarians will judge acceptable price ranges for individual titles, and reprint editions will be substituted when available, unless the requester indicates that only the original edition is acceptable.
    Out of Print Dealers:
    1. Alibris
    2. BookFinder
  • Amazon.Com
  • Gustavus Adolphus Book Mark


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