Gustavus Women in Leadership


Our purpose is to prepare, promote and inspire Gustavus women in their professional and personal leadership development to reach their potential.
Our vision is to transform our communities and workplaces by inspiring all women to advocate for themselves, live purposefully and create opportunities for future generations of women.
Values – what is important to us:
  • Authenticity
  • Ambition
  • Integrity
  • Equality
  • Dedication to the greater good

Student Leadership 2018-2019

GWiL Co-Presidents
CO PresidentElla
Samantha Harbeck '19 & Ella Johnson '20
VP of Marketing

VP of MarketingVP of Marketing

ReAnn Eidahl '20 & Josie Schieffert '20
VP of Education
Vp of education
Lilly Hartman '19 & Alexandra (Alli) Orta '20
VP of Conference 

VP of ConferenceVP of ConferenceVP of conferenceVP of Conference

Kristie Tunheim '19, Ellie Brandt '19, Alexandra Anderson '19 & Rachel Belvedere '20
VP of Communications
VP of Communications
Gabriella (Ella) Garry '21
VP of Fundraising & Member Engagement
VP of Fundraising
Ashley Allen '21
VP of Mentoring
VP of mentoringVP of mentoring
 Stella Hadjiyanis '21 & Tate Peterson '20
GWiL National Advisory Committee Members
Member Name
Amy Haberman Abercrombie '95
Katie Batz '13
Jacque Brunsburg '81
Bridget Burtzel '09
Kari Clark '91
Sarah Calhoon Cuthill '85
Amy Dragland Dragland-Johnson '97
Anissa Mediger '94, Chair
Debbie McGarity '91
Ashley Michalko '14
Linda Norman Reding '81
Susan Ripley '80
Deb Johnson Rosenberg '79
Kelsey (Swanson) Erickson '12
Barb Larson Taylor '93
Stacey Tigges '12
Kathi Winegar Tunheim, PhD Faculty Advisor
Wendy Roal Warner '84