Internships /Volunteer Opportunities

in Latin America and the Caribbean

Opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean! Some of these are paid internships, but most are volunteer positions only. Be sure to check these out carefully to be sure these are right for you. And let me know if I can help investigate a possibility with you. Send me me an email or knock on my door (Vickner 210). We can spend time together, researching these sites, and I’d be happy to help you find out more about them. Also, please let me know if I have forgotten any great opportunities.
Market in Nicaragua
Market in Nicaragua (Click to Enlarge)

AFS Community Service Program
Amigos de las Américas
Amizade (in Bolivia, Brazil and Jamaica)
Arcas (Guatemala – conservation)
Casa de los Amigos (México, D.F.)
Child-Family Health International
Chilean National Volunteer Program (teach English in Chile)
Common Hope (a Minnesota-based organization that works in Guatemala)
Doctors without Borders
Foundation for Sustainable Development
Friends of Chimbote – Chimbote, Perú (Gustavus connection with this program)
Habitat for Humanity, Global Village Program
Madre: Women’s Community Organizations
Peace Corps
Voluntary Missionary Movement
Volunteers for Peace
University of Michigan Internship page (This is such a well organized and useful page that I have included it here, but note that some of the opportunities are specifically for Michigan students)