Careers in Health Education

Are you considering a major in Health Education but feel unsure about types of careers available to program graduates?

If so, take a look at our Featured Health Education Graduates, and see what Gusties are doing with their Health Education majors.

Careers might include community health education, public health education, patient education, teaching, and much more. In Health Education students learn the foundations of the discipline, how to plan effective programs that engage students and clients in the learning process, effective ways to share knowledge, and how to help students and clients improve quality of lifestyle. The clear emphasis within this major is preparation for teaching but the skills learned apply in many settings.

Most Health Education majors also complete a second major in Physical Education with the coaching minor and teaching licensure program. This prepares them for a career teaching in K-12 schools. At the Featured Health Education Graduates link, see what Tina Strauss (class of 2008), Tony Stadtherr (Class of 2007), and Kate Bergstrom (class of 2002) are doing and why the love teaching.

Because not all majors in Health Education are interested in teaching, and since some careers require more emphasis on fitness, personal training, and exercise science, some students pursue a second major in Health Fitness. As you will see at the Featured Health Education Graduates link, both Catherine Osterhaus (class of 2009) and Trystan Hansen (class of 2008) chose this combination, and both are doing some very interesting things in their careers.

As with most graduates from Gustavus, majors in Health Education often choose to attend graduate school. They pursue education licensure if not completed at Gustavus, community health education, public health, exercise science, and other degrees within the health field. As part of the undergraduate program in Health Education students have opportunities to discuss and explore career options and choices.

If you have a passion for health, fitness, and lifestyle improvement, and you enjoy working with people from children to senior citizens, then Health Education may be an appropriate major for you. If you have questions, email Dr. Jeanne Herman or stop by her office, 212E Lund Center.