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Microsoft Word or Word is a powerful word processor that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite developed by Microsoft. Microsoft Word is available for Windows and Macintosh platforms.


Which version of Microsoft Word is on most faculty and lab computers at Gustavus?

  • Microsoft Word 2013 and 2010 for PC machines
  • Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac machines

Note: For Office 2007 or later, the default file format is .docx. This means that any computers running Office 2007 or later will be able to access such files, but if someone tries to access such a file from Office 2003 or 2004, it will not work. To ensure backwards compatibility, simply select the .doc format when saving the document to ensure that Office 2003 or 2004 users can open the document.

How do I change the default line spacing back to single like in previous Word versions?

Microsoft Word 2008 has a line spacing default set at 1.5 instead of 1 like the previous versions of Word. Microsoft's reasoning for this is to enhance readability. Despite this, 1.5 size line spacing isn't always appropriate for many documents at the workplace.

To change the default from 1.5 size line spacing to 1 start at the Home tab on the ribbon. Next click the Change Styles drop-down menu on the right hand side on the ribbon, then go to Style Set and click Word 2003. Next, click Change Styles again and finally click Set as Default. This causes Word 2007 to follow the style set of Word 2003, which uses single line spacing as default, amongst other changes.

How do I turn on Foreign Language spell-check in Word?

Go to the Tools menu from the top menu bar and select Language, a box will open up that will give you a list of languages from which you can choose the language you wish to spell-check in. Note, if you wish to spell-check some text that existed before you changed the language, you will need to highlight the text before turning switching languages.

Microsoft Word 2007/2008

Microsoft Word 2007 is the current version of Microsoft Word for Windows. It is the standard version of Word to be found on lab PCs, faculty PCs, and multimedia classroom PCs beginning Fall 2008. Likewise, Microsoft Word 2008 is the current version of Word for Apple and is the standard version for lab, faculty, and multimedia Macs beginning in Fall 2008. Word 2007 and 2008 brings the integration of the ribbon to the user interface, which is a new graphical layout replacing many of the formatting tool bars found in previous versions.


Word 2007 crashes on close

If you are having difficulty opening documents, highlighting text, using the scrollbar, and Word crashes each time on close, there is likely a problem with your profile's settings stored in the registry. In this case, repairing or reinstalling your copy of Word 2007 will not fix the issue.

To fix this problem, take the following steps:

  1. Make sure that Word is not running.
  2. Open up the registry editor by pressing Windows key + R, typing "regedit", and clicking "OK".
  3. Rename the following key to a temporary name: \\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word\Data
  4. Start Word.
  5. If Word is working properly, delete the key that you previously renamed.

Note: deleting this key from the registry may cause your program to lose all of its settings. Deleting things from the registry is very serious and has the potential to mess up your computer. Be very cautious.

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