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Culpeper Language Center Log

Shift Duty Reminders

Shift Duty Reminders

  • Put in your hours on WebAdvisor
  • Make sure all computers are turned on and ready to go at the beginning of every shift.
  • Monitor the paper and toner levels in the printer. If we are out of either, call the helpline at 6111.
  • Remember that students must properly sign out headsets. You will be expected to furnish information regarding missing headsets.
  • Students may not take movies from the viewing room, headsets, iSites, Rosetta Stone CDs, headphones, or desktop mics out of the center! Faculty may check out materials.
  • Be ready to help!. If somebody asks a question please stop what you are doing and do your best to help.
  • If you don't know how something works look it up on the wikis
  • When you are working, please stay at the front desk. Attach the new signs to the lab monitor on your desk if you are either in the media viewing room or in the rest room. (The media viewing room should be open if you are in there)
  • If there is a class in the lab during your shift, let the instructor know that you are there to help. Please do not go inside the TV room and watch TV, or go to a computer to finish your homework, or leave the room. You should be at the lab as scheduled and ready to help at any time.
  • If you can't make it to a shift you must find a substitute. You are responsible if your shift is missed, and this shift will be reassigned.
  • If you need to leave and the next person has not arrived, call them, e-mail them, and CC me ( If they don't show up at all please let me know about it immediately.
  • If you are repeatedly late to your assigned shift, it will be reassigned for the remainder of the semester.
  • Log-out when you leave - and exit FireFox when you are finished!

Contact info

  • Center Phone: 507-933-6247
  • Jeremy's Office Phone: 507-933-6248