Gustavus Geology-Why Geology Rocks!

Why Major In Geology?

Guadalupe MtsGeology is the ultimate interdisciplinary science. Geologists think about how the Earth system works over long and short time scales, and in particular how scientists can learn about the Earth by studying rocks, sediments, geologic structures and landforms. This requires a fundamental understanding of other sciences, namely physics and chemistry, in addition to knowledge of the Earth-sytem components.

Why Students like Geology

  • Camping trips for classes
  • Great professors
  • You get to go out and actually see what you are learning about
  • Road trips
  • We have the best office on campus
  • Geology parties

I like geology because it incorporates a variety of different aspects of science.  There are opportunities that tie geology together with physics, chemistry, biology, geography, psychology, and more.  I like seeing the way the different sciences interact and supplement each other in geology.  I also enjoy geology because it is fun to have a better understanding of the processes that formed different areas.  It gives me more of an appreciation for the beauty of the landscapes.

—Anna Lindquist, '08

Learning about geology has allowed me to look at landscapes differently. Now as I see them, I not only take in their beauty, but also think about how they were formed and the geological history behind them. The Gustavus geology courses I have taken have broadened my interest in natural landscapes and helped me develop an appreciation for the history of earth's physical geography.

—Jackie Brost