Gustavus Geology-Why Geology Rocks!

Why Major In Geology?

Canyonlands 2015

Geology is the ultimate interdisciplinary science. Geologists think about how the Earth system works over long and short time scales, and we often use concepts and approaches from the other fundamental sciences. For example, to understand how mountains form, we measure physical properties like stress and strain (geophysics!). Or, to determine whether human activities on the landscape have polluted groundwater, rivers and lakes, we study the water chemistry (geochemistry!). And, to explore how life evolved on earth and figure out how to look for traces of fossil life in the rocks on Mars, we learn a lot about biology (geobiology!). Geology may be a great fit for you if you are interested in many aspects of science, and like to have practical or "hands-on" applications in your work.

Why Students like Geology

  • Camping trips for classes
  • Many kinds of lab and computer work are involved
  • Great professors
  • You get to go out and actually see what you are learning about
  • We have the best office on campus
 I study geology because it's just awesome. I get to explore and camp in some awesome places, stare at awesome rocks all day, and do awesome, hands-on activities. I suppose you get to learn some awesome things about the Earth too. Which is pretty awesome.

Tanner Eischen, '17

I study Geology because I love being able to look at the history of the Earth, for example, why we have mountains, or why is there a fish fossil in the middle of the desert? Another bonus is all the hands-on and outdoor work. I can get paid to go camping in the most beautiful places on Earth, what's not to loveLindsey Reiners, '17