Gustavus Geology Club

What is the Gustavus Geology Club (GGC)?

Geology Club is a group of geologically and environmentally enthusiastic people who gather for fun and to learn more about our planet. We are not limited to geo majors or minors and are open to anyone who is fascinated by the Earth. We welcome people of all backgrounds, genders, racial and sexual identities! Geology club members love and respect the Earth, from its history to its present and future.

(Image of a microscope slide of muscovite)

What do we do?

Beyond providing a fun social atmosphere, our goal is to connect with our community to engage people in the different ways geology can be amazing. We host events including but not limited to:

  • Outdoor campfires (with s’mores of course!)
  • Stream table free-play in the sedimentology lab
  • Tours of the fantastic geology museum
  • Lectures from professors and graduate students on their current research projects
  • Science of Saturday & Discover the Outdoors activities with the St. Peter community
  • Geology movie nights (snacks provided!)

We also coordinate with the geology classes to invite people to attend the geology field trips held over spring break every year.

Below you can see a few different shots of our activites! From stream table free play in our museum space, to dinosaur costmumes at events, and outdoor volcano demonstrations with local children, there's lots to do in geo club!

Stream_table_1 MadisonAdams_dinosaur2_crop Volcanoes_Loy_Emily_2014 

Why should I join?

We’re a tight-knit community that is always willing to welcome new members into our family! We are also dedicated to learning, having fun, and supporting each other in our geologic endeavors. Turn up at any of our campfire events to hear some amazing field stories from our professors! They’ve been places you’d never believe, and are wonderful about sharing their experiences with us.

Also, the geology club is famous for its t-shirts! For info about the shirts and this year's activities or to get on the email list, feel free to shoot an email to our club president Taylor Pearson or our vice president Cameron Gaspord. Visit the department to talk with other members, or our advisor Rory McFadden. We welcome any questions or comments!

IMG-7030 oldest_rock_field_trip_site 

To the left: Our risk manager, CJ Miller, at our
October 2020 campfire, having a great time and
demonstrating proper social distancing during COVID-19!

To the right: A stop on the fall petrology class fieldtrip!