Name PronunciationHelp Us Say Your Name Correctly

 The Provost and Dean of Students share the responsibility of reading the names of the graduates at Commencement. They practice and practice and do their best to say each name correct. PLEASE help them by completing this form before May 10 and provide pronunciation guidelines.

  • If a syllable is emphasized, put it in caps (like "Gus-TAVE-us").
  • If it is commonly mispronounced, tell them what NOT to say (for instance, "PED-er-son, not PEET-er-son).
  • If it rhymes with another word mention that other word too (so if "Gough" is pronounced "GOFF" you might mention that it rhymes with "cough").
  • If it has an ending vowel, tell them whether to say the vowel or not (for instance, Brekke; tell me if it is "Breck" or "BREK-key").
  • Don’t forget your first name and/or middle name. If you are a Kara, tell them if it is CAR-uh or CARE-uh.

Pronunciation form

If you have questions, call or email the Provost's Office ( or 507-933-7541).