Meditation Area

The Linnaeus Arboretum at Gustavus Adolphus College is not only a natural preserve representing three distinct ecosystems of Minnesota- prairie, deciduous forest, and coniferous forest- but also a classroom for many students. Yoga and t’ai chi students especially spend time in the arboretum in quite reflection while incorporating the gentle movements of each of these disciplines.

The meditation area was designed using Chinese Elements and feng shui concepts to foster inspirational and intuitive introspection. The Chinese Elements of; Earth □ (square), Fire ▲ (triangle), Water (semi-circle), Wood ▭ (rectangle), Metal ○ (circle), the Chinese Circle of Abundance, the lucky number 8 and the infinity symbol ∞ can all be seen in the design. The curved entry path, circular flow, circular flow, and dominant center are feng shui design concepts that draw those who use the arboretum trails into the area. All combine to make a special place of solitude and peace.

The meditation area is dedicated to Nancy L. Baker ’56 and Barb and Steve Wilkenson, for their years of service, teaching and coaching at Gustavus.


Carved Rocks: Tom Miller Miller Monuments Mankato, MN Area Design: Gretchen Koehler St. Peter, MN Native Landscape Design: Fortin Consulting Inc. Restoration/Natve Landscaping Hamel, MN


The meditation area has been made possible by generous donations from Gretchen Koehler, Faculty; Connie Fortin ’82 and Roman Rowan, also by former Gustavus Adolphus College yoga and t’ai chi students.