Required Courses

The requirements listed below are based on the August 2016 version of the Wash-ington University website. For complete up to date requirements and for more details on the program, see:

The English Composition, Humanities and Social Science requirements at Washington Uni-versity are satisfied by completion of all of Gustavus’ General Education requirements.

Course Requirements

These are the core requirements for all undergraduate professional engineering study, which should be completed before entry into WashU.

Chemistry: one semester of general chemistry with lab. This can be fulfilled by Gustavus’ CHE-107 General Chemistry Course

Computer Programming: one course or certified proficiency in a high-level language (MATLAB pre-ferred for Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering). The Gustavus physics department regularly offers a Scientific Programming course during January that will fulfill this programming requirement. It is highly recommended that this is taken at the first possible opportunity

English Composition: one course, acceptable examination scores, or college certification of proficien-cy

Humanities & Social Sciences: no fewer than 15 semester hours (equivalent to 4 Gustavus course credits) in approved areas (This sequence must include six semester hours in Humanities and six semes-ter hours in Social Sciences).

Mathematics: a calculus sequence which includes exposure to multivariable calculus and a separate course in differential equations. This can be completed by taking PHY-250 (Applied Math Methods) and PHY-370 (Advanced Math Methods). An alternate math track would involve MCS-222 (Multivariable Calculus) and MCS-253 (Differential Equations).

Physics: one-year calculus-based sequence with lab

Total Credits: a minimum of 90 semester hours of transferable college credit, which is equivalent to 23 Gustavus course credits. Courses with grades below C- do not transfer.

GPA: Average of B+ (3.25/4.0) or better, both overall and in science and mathematics courses is re-quired for admission to the Dual Degree Program. Applicants with lower GPAs are considered on a case-by-case basis; please have the Gustavus pre-engineering advisor write a letter of support.

Department-specific requirements

Biomedical Engineering: a one-year biology sequence that covers cellular, molecular and develop-mental biology and genetics and a second semester of general chemistry with lab

Chemical Engineering: one semester of biology that covers cellular, molecular and developmental biology, a second semester of general chemistry with lab, one semester of organic chemistry with lab (MATLAB proficiency and a course on energy and environment from a scientific point of view are strongly recommended.)

Computer Science & Computer Engineering: a second computer programming course