Dual Degree (3/2) Program at Washington University St. Louis

Pre-Engineering Dual-Degree Program

The physics department offers a dual degree engineering program with Washington University in St. Louis, MO. In this program the student attends Gustavus Adolphus College for three years, completing all of the general education requirements and required courses for the physics major. The student then transfers to WashU and completes the required sequence of engineering courses in roughly two years. On completion of these requirements, the student receives a bachelors degree in physics from Gustavus, and a bachelors degree in Engineering from WashU.

WashU's School of Engineering & Applied Science is ranked among US News & World Report’s top Engineering Schools, and focuses intellectual efforts through a new convergence paradigm, particularly as applied to medicine and health, energy and environment, entrepreneurship and security. Their dual degree program is an attractive alternative to traditional engineering curricula. Program graduates are “liberally educated engineers” with strong communication and problem-solving skills, a broad background in the humanities and social sciences and a high-quality technical education. For details, see


Washington University of St. Louis offers ABET accredited dual degree programs in the following areas: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering , Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering , and Systems Science & Engineering.

Note: Washington University does not have a Civil Engineering program.

Please contact an advisor in the physics department as soon as possible to develop a three-year plan. In developing this three-year plan, there are several important considerations:

It is essential that all Gustavus graduation requirements are met before leaving Gustavus. This would include all general education requirements, IEX, language requirements, etc.

To complete the Gustavus physics major, insure completion of all required physics courses; in particular PHY-305 (Experimental Modern Physics) and PHY-365 (Project in Physics) should be taken at Gustavus. See, for example, the Three-Year Physics Course Sequence listed earlier in this Advising Guide for a typical sequence that will insure completion of physics requirements.

For students who are interested, WashU has a J-Term is opportunity for Dual Degree students to explore engineering, WashU and St. Louis. Students will complete a special, intensive course in a concentrated 11-day format from late December to early January. Registration is required.