Student Organizations

Accounting Club

The majority of our accounting majors participate in the accounting club as a place to discover various accounting careers and internship opportunities with the different companies that hire our graduates.

Ad Club

Ad Club serves the Gustavus Adolphus College student body and global community by educating students on how to be professional in the advertising industry, cultivate and foster their creative entrepreneurial spirit, and deliver result-oriented advertising and support to all clients. Mission Statement: Create marketing campaigns, develop meaningful relationships, and learn about the industry. 

Gustavus Finance Club

Gustavus Finance Club has been establied to nurture the financial wellbeing of individual members of the College, to provide a learn-by-doing educational experience that prepares students for a career in finance, to provide outreach from GAC students to the financial community.

Gustavus Women in Leadership
Women In Business Leadership is student organization open to all majors. Students are able to apply throughout the year by filling out an application. Through this group students will be able to gain and develop their leadership qualities through academics, careers, and personal leadership development.

Investment Club

The Investment Club, open to all Gustavus students, manages an investment portfolio with a market value in excess of $100,000. The Club's primary objective is to help students learn more of the stock market by researching stock market investment opportunities and then making appropriate buy, sell, or hold decisions. The Club, meeting weekly during the academic year, is open to all students regardless of their major or class-year or experience in buying or selling stocks. Our trades are via an E-Trade account.