Student Organizations


Accounting Club
- co-presidents-Ashley Loken and Marissa Mielke


Alumni Mentoring Program
- student director-Jordan Brunsberg; assistant directors-Chelsea Bellingham and Alissa Fahrenz
The Economics and Management Department's Alumni Mentoring Program exists to provide E/M students with pertinent business advice from established Gustavus Alumni professionals out in the working world. The program is a year-long commitment that pairs participating students with an alumni mentor in their field of interest. Participants are expected to maintain consistent contact with their mentors, participate in two job shadows, attend the opening and closing program banquets in the Twin Cities, and work all year to improve their résumés, interviewing skills, job and internship searches.


Entrepreneurship Club
- Erik Hasselquist


Investment Club
- Julia Lawant, Johnnie Hicks and Paul Halvorson
The Investment Club, open to all Gustavus students, manages an investment portfolio with a market value in excess of $100,000. The Club's primary objective is to help students learn more of the stock market by researching stock market investment opportunities and then making appropriate buy, sell, or hold decisions. The Club, meeting weekly during the academic year, is open to all students regardless of their major or class-year or experience in buying or selling stocks. Our trades are via an E-Trade account.


LAN - Lambda Alpha Nu
- Emily Hoene and Laura Schnell
Lambda Alpha Nu Business Fraternity is a group of students who want to share business experiences to its members and the Gustavus student body as a whole. We want to educate on business etiquette, interviewing, networking and resumes to prepare students for the real world! LAN stands stongly by its mission which is as follows: To act as a professional networking organization of business students in order to provide personal skills, leadership opportunities, connections with professionals and increase interest in for profit and non profit organizations.


Women in Business Leadership
- co-presidents-Abby Roff and Katie Ness
Women In Business Leadership is student organization open to all majors. Students are able to apply throughout the year by filling out an application. Through this group students will be able to gain and develop their leadership qualities through academics, careers, and personal leadership development.