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Gustavus Finance Club

Statement Of Purpose/ Mission
A. To organize events and activities that promote the financial education on campus; B. To train and educate members in finance preparing them for careers in the field of finance; C. To facilitate networking opportunities with GAC alumni and recruiters.
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Statement of Mission The Gustavus Finance Club was formed as a non-profit organization to promote financial wellbeing on campus and assist Gustavus students to achieve their financial goals. The mission of the club is to enhance student learning and engagement in finance, in addition to assisting them in career development and opportunities within the scope of finance. The Undertakings: A. Financial Education Develop financial tools and create resources to promote financial education on campus. that will assist individuals in making informed financial decisions that will ultimately secure their personal financial position. B. FinancialActivities Organize events and activities through speaker presentations, field trips, meetings, and social interaction. C. Financial Networking Search for opportunity for contact with the finance community and provide a forum to assist students in building interview and networking skills. 1. Membership There shall be two classes of members: active and prospective. A prospective member must be a student, staff, or faculty of Gustavus Adolphus College. Active partners must be currently enrolled GAC students. Active members shall participate in the management and conduct of affairs of the club. All members must be at least 18 years of age. 2. Officers The officers of the Gustavus Financial Club must be active members and shall consist of the following: A. Managing Counselors: The primary function of the Executive Board of Managing Counselors is to govern. The Executive Board shall also be the policy making body of the club. The board will continuously observe activities of the club to endure adherence to approved policies. It is responsible for setting immediate goals for the current year and long-range goals for future achievement. Managing Counselors are designated by members and represent the members to execute the duties of the Board. Each managing counselor leads a group to perform one of the three undertakings. B. President: The duties of the President are to set meeting dates and locations, appoint committees for education outreach and financial presentation, preside over meetings and see that resolutions passed by the members are carried out. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President may carry out the duties of this position. In the absence of both the President and the Vice-President, any other officer as directed by the Executive Board of Managing Counselors may perform the duties of the President. C. Vice-President: The duties of the Vice-President are to coordinate the presentation of an educational topic at the regular meeting as well as assist the President’s supervision of arranging education outreach and financial presentation. This may be done by appointment of committee by the Vice-President or by any other means seen fit by the VP. The VP also serves in a backup capacity to the President. D. Chief Financial Officer (CFO): The duties of CFO are to keep a record of the club’s receipts and disbursements and members’ interests in the club. CFO will provide members with a receipt for payments upon request, prepare the club’s monthly financial statements and other reports as indicated in this agreement or required by the partnership, undertake such other duties and activities as are incident to the office of CFO, and perform such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Managing Counselors. E. Chief Information Officer (CIO): The duties of CIO are to search, collect, and maintain information for financial education and keep a record of the actions authorized by the members, notify members of meetings, undertake such other duties and activities as are incident to the office of secretary, and perform such other duties as may by assigned from time to time by the Managing Counselors. 3. Managers A. Project Manager: The duties of the Project Manager are to take on special assignments that are excluded from the three undertakings and promote and uphold the mission and vision of the club. B. Risk Manager: The duties of the Risk Manager are to be aware of the risks of the group’s endeavors, and to steer the group away from potentially risky activities. 4. Attendance and Participation All active and prospective members are expected to attend bi-weekly one-hour meeting (or weekly 30-minute meeting) of the club on the predetermined date and time as agreed upon by the members. The secretary will take attendance at all meetings. Absences will be tolerated given that they are valid and approved by the members. An absence of three (3) meetings without permission of the active partners within a calendar year will result in a re- classification of the active member to prospective status. 5. Current Officers and Members. Managing Counselors: Huyen Nguyen '18, Jake Olson '18, Francine Umamararungu President: Erica Jenson '18 Vice President: Jacob Herd '18 Project Manager: Davis Petros '19 Chief Information Officer (CIO): Yeng Lee '19 Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Emily Edman '18 Members: Bobby Brooks '19, Brandon Muganga '19, Walker Pearson '18, Marion Rodriguez- Torres '19

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RoleOrganization TitleFull NameE-mail
Vice PresidentYeng
MemberEducation CoordinatorBobby
SecretaryChief Information OfficerEhsan Ali
TreasurerChief Financial OfficerMatt
MemberActivities CoordinatorMitch
MemberNetwork CoordinatorMatthew
Risk ManagerDavis