Committees & Co-Captains


Events and Campus Engagement

Events Committee Co-Captain: Catrina (Trina) Toeben

Catrina/Trina is a sophomore co-captain for the Events Committee this year with Luz! She is an Environmental Studies (and possibly Psychology!) major with a Geology minor. Trina has a strong fascination with our Earth and how we, as people, interact with it. Fun fact, this is her 6th year attending the Building Bridges Conferences! And she's so excited to see how this year's conference brings people together to discuss one the greatest issues our world is facing today - the climate crisis. 


Events Committee Co-Captain: Luz Ceronio

Luz is a Sophmore double major in Political Science and Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies. Even before attending Gustavus as a student, Luz expressed interest in Building Bridges when she attended the 23rd Mental Health annual conference in the spring of 2018 and then became a co-captain of the organization a few months after. She also spends her time promoting communal inclusivity on campus through her Collegiate Fellow job and by being a member of the President’s Council of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion--a committee that directly advises President Bergman on these issues. Luz is particularly passionate about fighting against systemic racial injustice and she hopes to become a full-time activist after Gustavus.

Action Piece

An essential component of the Building Bridges Conference is the interpretive walkthrough which takes place on the second floor of Beck Hall. This year, the interpretive walkthrough is an immersive experience exploring climate change and its intersections with social justice. It explores the human impact on the world from different perspectives, sheds light upon injustices of the past and present, and empowers us to create an inclusive future. Our inspiration came from the onslaught of headlines on natural disasters, climate strikes, and climate migration. Ultimately, our goal is to transform something overwhelming and daunting into an informative and empowering experience. 

Action Piece Co-Captain: Emily Falk

Emily Joan Falk is a sophomore at Gustavus, and is one of the co-captains of Action Piece. She is the president of Students for Reproductive Freedom on campus, a Gustie Greeter, and is a member of the Indivisible St. Peter/Greater Mankato leadership committee. She is a double major in Political Science & Spanish with a minor in Latin American Latinx and Carribbean Studies. Emily Joan is from Foley, Minnesota and is the daughter of Dan & Jenny Falk. She's a Libra/Scorpio cusp, and is a professional vlogger.


Action Piece Co-Captain: Bri Jol

Bri is a senior Biology and Environmental Studies double major with a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). She has been involved in BB for the past three years as an Action Piece member and Higher Ed. Liaison in addition to serving as a Co-President of the Environmental Action Coalition, a Gustie Greeter, a student worker at Linnaeus Arboretum, and as a TA and tutor for the Biology Department. She spent the fall semester of 2017 studying abroad in India with the Sustainable Development Practices program, conducted glacial change research in Ecuador this past summer, and recently returned from studying the natural history and conservation biology of Tanzania over J-term. She is intrigued by the intersections of environmental conservation, social justice, and science communication, and hopes to pursue these passions in some form after graduation. 


The Workshops Committee coordinates and plans the workshops that happen the day of the Building Bridges Conference. These range from speakers to interactive activities. The workshops help to further the understanding of the conference theme, and expand or bring in new perspectives on the general topic.


Workshops Co-Captain: Ashley Ley

Ashley is a first-year student from Paynesville, MN who plans to double major in Biochemistry and Chemistry. She is a part of Building Bridges, the Gustavus Wind Orchestra (GWO), Brass Choir, Pittman Hall Council as the Vice President, and the GWO Green Team on campus. Ashley decided to join Building Bridges after attending the conference last year as a senior in high school. She is passionate about the science behind climate change and the injustices some face because of the climate crisis.


Workshops Co-Captain: 

Elizabeth is a freshman English and Political Science double major with a focus in Pre-Law. Elizabeth has been involved this year with Building Bridges, Big Partner Little Partner, and Hall Council. She is passionate about law and classic literature, as well as working with the politics of homelessness. 

Communications and Promotion

This is Communication and Promotion's first year as a committee in Building Bridges. "CoPro" is focused on promoting the conference within the Gustavus community and informing others about Building Bridges' mission. Our goal is to come up with creative and engaging forms of communication to attract a large audience to the conference. 


Communications and Promotion Co-Captain: Grace Tobin

Grace is a junior Geography Major with a minor in Scandinavian Studies from Olympia, Washington. This is her first year in Building Bridges and she plays bassoon in the Gustavus Symphony Orchestra and Gustavus Wind Symphony. She studied abroad in the spring semester of her sophomore year in Sweden where she got to learn about and experience the country's sustainability efforts. Grace is interested in urban planning and public transportation.