Evelyn Young Dining Room

The Evelyn Young Dining Room is located on the upper level of the North end of the Campus Center Building. The dining room is served by the Gustavus Adolphus Market Place which offers a wide selection of food and beverage choices to the entire Gustavus community.

Upcoming events
Date Event
Today noon to 2 pm Returning Sabbatical Faculty Lunchhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/returning-sabbatical-faculty-lunch/45745President's Dining Room
Sep 10 12:301:20 pm New Faculty Orientation Sessionhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/new-faculty-orientation-session-88/45691President's Dining Room
Oct 11 11 am to 12:30 pm The 2015 Family Weekend Jazz Brunchhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/the-2015-family-weekend-jazz-brunch/46079Evelyn Young Dining Room
Past events
Date Event
Aug 6 1:302:30 am Director of the Diversity Center open interviewhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/director-of-the-diversity-center-open-interview-3/45678President's Dining Room
Aug 5 1:302:30 am Director of the Diversity Center open interviewhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/director-of-the-diversity-center-open-interview-2/45677President's Dining Room
Aug 4 1:302:30 am Director of the Diversity Center open interviewhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/director-of-the-diversity-center-open-interview/45676President's Dining Room
Jul 28 1011:30 am Farewell Reception for Vince Thomashttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/farewell-reception-for-vince-thomas/45656President's Dining Room
Jun 2 11 am to 1 pm Gustavus Employee Picnichttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/gustavus-employee-picnic-4/45533Evelyn Young Dining Room
May 28 68 pm Senior Week: Presidents Banquethttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/senior-week-presidents-banquet/44662Evelyn Young Dining Room
May 26 4:308 pm Senior Week: Kick-Offhttps://gustavus.edu/calendar/senior-week-kick-off/44661Evelyn Young Dining Room