Community-Based Learning Courses

Bridging theory and practice

Community-based learning (CBL) courses connect theoretical knowledge to real world practice. Examples of CBL include service-learning, public research, public performance & art, and civic engagement. A unifying theme is the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge or resources with a community partner--a nonprofit organization, school, government agency, for-profit business, on-campus office, or the general public.

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Browse courses that include community-based learning by selecting link below. These offerings change from time-to-time. For an updated, complete list of course offerings, please see the Gustavus Adolphus College Academic Catalog.

Videos by Students about Community-Based Learning

The following two videos were created by students in a Community-Based Learning class to help other students learn about community engagement.

Contacts for the CBSL office have changed since these following videos were produced, please see the CBSL Staff page for an updated list.

How to add Community-Based Learning to your resume


What is Community-Based Learning?