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Fall Student Research Symposium on Summer Research

This year's Fall Research Symposium will be held Friday, September 16, 2016 in Nobel Hall of Science.  The symposium will include two-three oral presentations at 1:30pm in Wallenberg Auditorium followed by poster presentations.  Refreshments will be provided.

Gustavus students, if you are interested in presenting a talk or a poster about the research (on-campus or off-campus) which you conducted this summer please register and submit your abstract online.  Abstracts for oral presentations will be due Weds. Sept. 7.  Abstracts for posters are due Friday, Sept. 9.

Congratulations to Dwight Stoll, for receiving the 2018 Gustavus Faculty Scholarly Achievement Award (link to article)

Chem Club is hosted Science on Saturday - April 9, 2016 - on the Gustavus Adolphus College campus.) for students in grades 1-6.

Gustavus students present their research at the National ACS Conference in San Diego, March 2016

(photo to come...)

Gustavus students present their research at the Midstates Consortium for Mathemetatics and Science (MCMS)
at the University of Chicago on November 13-14, 2015  

Midsttes Consortium 2015

Chemistry Student Panel

A student panel answered questions about spring registration, four-year plans, pre-health programs, study abroad with a Chemistry ACS, Chemistry or Biochemistry Molecular Biology major on November 10.

The Fall Research Symposium was held Thursday, September 24, 2015 Nobel Hall of Science

  • 2015 Fall Schedule of presenters, times, and Nobel Hall room locations
  • 2015 Fall Abstracts


Congratulations to the 2014-15 Chemistry and Biochemistry Award Recipients. (The awards ceremony was held May 15, 2015.)

Award Recipient
ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry Award Brianna R. Malecha
ACS Division of Organic Chemistry - Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry Nicola T. Grant
ACS Division of Environmental Chemistry Undergraduate Student Award Bryan N. Voigt
ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry Bryan N. Voigt
American Institute of Chemists Award Anna K. Huff
Analytical Chemistry Award Kelly C. O'Neill
Freshman Chemistry Award Kelson J. Oram
Freshman Chemistry Award Chandra A. Bouma
Hypercube Scholar Award Amy E. Christiansen
Frances Engelmann Knock Scholarship Kelle E. Nett
Anderson Summer Scholar Anna C. Krieger
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Service Award Katie A. Diederichs
Biochemistry Award Morgan R. Timm
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Research Award Beth K. Wiese
Chem Academic Assistants (for 2015-16) Mackenzie L. Burnham
and Morgan R. Timm
Biochemistry Academic Assistant (for 2015-16) Kendra L. Frey
Nobel Hacker Award Guillermo Turcios
Voracious Learner Award  Bryan N. Voigt

Congratulations to Dwight Stoll, chemistry faculty member, for receiving $60,000 unrestricted research grant from the Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation as part of its Teacher-Scholar Awards Program. Article posted on 8/31/14 by News Office

Research Project takes Amanda Nienow Chemistry facutly member, and two of her research students, Amy Christiansen '15 and Alexa Peterson '16 to France collaborate on with French chemist Claire Richard. The research was funded by her National Science Foundation grant. Article posted on 8/11/14 by News Office


2013-14 Chemistry and Biochemistry Award Recipients.

Award Recipients
ACS Div. of Polymer Chemistry Award Griffin J. Reed & Morgan R. Timm
ACS Div. of Environmental Chemistry Undergraduate Student Award Amy E. Christiansen
ACS Div. of Inorganic Chemistry
Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry
Braden M. Schmid
American Institute of Chemists Award James L. Brooks
Freshman Chemistry Award Russell W.Krueger & Brianna R. Malecha
Hypercube Scholar Award Anna K. Huff
Frances Engelmann Knock Scholarship Amy E. Christiansen & Elizabeth K. Wiese
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Service Award Kathryn A. Diederichs
Biochemistry Award Elizabeth K. Wiese
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Research Award Carl J. Schiltz
Chemistry Academic Assistant (for 2014-15) Rachel L. Scharfn & Nicola T. Mehta
Biochemistry Academic Assistant (for 2014-15) Stephanie K. Marquardt
Voracious Learner Award  Carl J. Schiltz

2013-14 Academic Year Chemistry and Biochemistry Awards Recipients. (ceremony on Friday, May 17, 2013)

Awards Recipients
American Chemical Society
Division of Polymer Chemistry Award
Anna K. Huff
American Chemical Society
Division of Environmental Chemistry Undergraduate Student Award
Michael J. Walker
American Chemical Society
Analytical Chemistry Award
Tuan A. Tran
American Institute of Chemists Award Sarah A. Lucht
Hypercube Scholar Award Michael J. Walker
Freshman Chemistry Awards Hanna D. Engebretson, Griffin J. Reed
Frances Engelmann Knock Scholarships James L. Brooks, Megan S. Crow, Bryan A. Miles
Academic Assistants James L. Brooks, Megan S. Crow, Carl J. Schiltz
Voracious Learner Award Tuan A. Tran

The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant of $139,500 to Gustavus Adolphus College for support of Dr. Amanda Nienow’s project entitled "RUI: Systematic Analysis of the Photodegradation of Pesticides on Heterogeneous Surfaces: The Photolysis of Imidazolinone Herbicides on Two Midwest Crops."  Amanda is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry.  The award will run from October 15, 2012 through September 30, 2015. 

Brandy Russell, Associate Professor in the Gustavus Department of Chemistry, has been appointed Director of the Midstates Consortium for Math and Science.

2012-13 AY Chemistry and Biochemistry Awards Recipeints (ceremony on Friday, May 11, 2012)

Awards Recipients
American Chemical Society
Division of Polymer Chemistry Award
Elliot D. Larson
American Chemical Society
Division of Environmental Chemistry Undergraduate Student Award
Alison M. Agather
American Chemical Society
Division of Inorganic Chemistry
Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry
Anthony J. Cesnik
American Institute of Chemists Award Stephen R. Groskreutz
Analytical Chemistry Award Stephen R. Groskreutz
Freshman Chemistry Awards Amy E. Christiansen, Daniel V. Ly
Hypercube Scholar Award Tuan A. Tran
Frances Engelmann Knock Scholarships Meredith K. Bache-Wiig, Shelby Winzent
Academic Assistants Sarah A. Lucht, Michael J. Walker

Opportunities for Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA)-sponsored scholarships for undergraduate students with majors in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines. Closed April 30th.

The monthly meeting of the Minnesota Local Section of the ACS was held Tuesday, April 17th meeting on the Gustavus Campus. Larry Potts, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, will spoke on “Gustavus' Nobel Conference and Some Chemical Characters”. Click here for details.

The Chemistry Homecoming Research Symposium was held Saturday morning, October 1, 2011. It featured keynote speaker Joe Dalluge, '91 who was recently honored. schedule and abstracts.

The Gustavus Chemistry Club receives award. The Society Committee on Education has selected the Gustavus Chem Club to receive an Honorable Mention Chapter Award for its 2010-2011 activities as reported in "Gustavus Adolphus College 2010-2011".  The 2010-11 award winning chapters will be recognized in the November/December issue of "in Chemistry" magazine and at the ACS Student Chapter Award Ceremony to be held at the 243rd ACS National Meeting in San Diego, CA where plaques will be presented.

$200,000 NSF Grant to benefit the Gustavus Chemistry Department.

A 2011 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship has been awarded to Gustavus chemistry major Steve Groskreutz. Details

Dwight Stoll has been named winner of the LCGC 2011 Emerging Leader in Chromatography Award sponsored by LCGS, an online journal of peer-reviewed research in liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, and mass spectrometry. This award recognizes 'the achievements and aspirations of talented young scientific professionals who have made strides early in their career towards the advancement of chromatography and related techniques'. As part of the award, Dr. Stoll was interviewed in mid-March in Atlanta, Ga., at Pittcon, the world's largest annual conference and exposition for laboratory science. To view a video of the interview:

Ben Carlson ’11, senior Environmental Studies and Chemistry major,  presented a poster at the annual American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) conference held in San Juan, Puerto Rico February 13-18, 2011, along with his professor Jeff Jeremiason. Link to Env. Studies blog.

Gustavus Chemistry Professor, Dwight Stoll, along with current and graduated Gustavus students Scott Simpkins '10, Jeremy Bedard '09, Steve Groskreutz '12, Michael Swenson '10, and Tomas Liskutin '09 have a published a research paper in the Journal of Chromatography titled "Targeted three-dimensional liquid chromatography: A versatile tool for quantitative trace analysis in complex matrices." The paper is currently accessible online at the journal's website, and will appear in print soon. The work was funded by a Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Faculty Start-Up Award and a small grant from the Minnesota River Board.

Chemistry Professor Dwight Stoll presented his research to the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics in China - October 24-26, 2010. Details.

Alumni, faculty, and current students gathered together at the Chemistry Homecoming Research Symposium on Saturday, September 25, 2010. Check back for photos (to be posted soon). Click here to learn more about the schedule of events, biography of Keynote speaker Tarek Ladaa (1997), and abstracts.

Gustavus students presented their summer research at the Fall Research Symposium - September 17, 2010. (Abstracts and Schedule)

Foiled again.... Summer prank on Gustavus chemistry professor Scott Bur while Perry the Corpse Flower was in bloom gains the attention of C&EN and others.

The Chemistry Department's annual awards ceremony was held Friday, May 7, 2010.

Awards Recipients
American Chemical Society
Division of Polymer Chemistry Award
Carrie M. Johnson
American Chemical Society
Division of Environmental Chemistry Undergraduate Student Award
Annie S. Opseth
American Chemical Society
Division of Inorganic Chemistry
Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry
Jason W. Schultz
American Institute of Chemists Award Jason W. Schultz
Analytical Chemistry Award Michael M. Swenson
Freshman Chemistry Awards Kimberly A. Hinman, Tuan A. Tran
Hypercube Scholar Award Andrew J. Corbett
Frances Engelmann Knock Scholarships Amanda M. Halfen, Kristen N. Jahr, Kendra E. Kesty, Noah A. Setterholm
Academic Assistants Kendra E. Kesty, Steven J. Lundberg

The Sigma Xi Symposium and Celebration of Creative Inquiry were held Friday, April 30th. Gustavus students presented their research in the areas of biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, and psychology. Sigma Xi oral presentations: Schedule + Abstracts

Science on Saturday, was held Saturday, April 17, 2010, in the Nobel Hall of Science on the Gustavus Campus. Science on Saturday was hosted by the Gustavus Chem Club, with the Biology, Geology, and Physics Clubs also participating. Approximately 80 local school children, grades 1-6 attended. Check back for photos.

Congratulations to Larry Potts (Research Professor / Professor Emeritus) who will receive the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry J. Calvin Giddings Award for Excellence in Education in 2010.  Previous recipients of this award are quite impressive and include Isaac Kolthoff himself (1983) along with several other notable electrochemists. Click here for more details.

An article on Brandy Russell's research (chemistry faculty member) has recently been published in Nature. The article's title is "Rational design of a structural and functional nitric oxide reductase."

Gustavus students Spencer Bonnerup (chemistry), Steve Groskreutz (chemistry), and Bryce Bjork (physics) attended the Mid-States Consortium in Chicago Nov. 6-8, 2009 with Gustavus Chemistry faculty member Rebecca Guza.

Congratulations to Gustavus Biochemistry major, Scott Simpkins, for winning the Undergraduate Research Award at the Minnesota Chromatography Forum on May 14, 2009 and is using award proceeds to continue his research with Dwight Stoll this fall.

The Chem Club created a delectable periodic table for National Chemistry Week. Periodic Table of cupcakes

Jeff Jeremiason (Chemistry/Environmental Studies faculty member) recently had an article titled "A Comparison of Mercury Cycling in Lakes Michigan and Superior" published in the Journal of Great Lakes Research ( science/journal/03801330). Co-authors are Linda Kanne '09 and Tara LaCoe '06.

Brian O'Brien (Chemistry Dept. Chair) presented a paper titled "Preparation of Fluorous Ponytail Primary Phosphines via Phthaloylphosphide Ion" at the 19th International Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry, held at Jackson Hole, Wyo., August 23-28. Co-authors were current student Jason Schultz '10, Alexander Burum '07, and Karrie-Ann Kubatko (Alex's Ph.D. adviser at the Ohio State University). Burum and Kubatko are collaborating with O'Brien and his students on crystal structure determination.

Fall Student Research Symposium was held Friday, September 11, 2009. Gustavus students engaged in scientific research over the summer presented their projects and results. Schedule. Abstracts. Link to past symposia.

Chemistry Alumni Research Symposium was held Saturday, September 12, 2009. The event included the following speakers : Joe Katzenmeyer, '04 (In Vitro Metabolism of Doxorubicin); Carolyn Wanamaker, '04 (Green Plastics); Joe Dalluge, '91 (Mass Spectroscopy in Food and Bio technologies); and Matthew Shores, '97 (Paramagnetic Metals). Dinner with President Jack R. Ohle followed, featuring Professor Emeritus Lawrence Potts reflecting on research with students with a case study of Charles Martin Hall of Oberlin.   

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Congratulations to the following students who received awards at the 2009 Chemistry Awards Ceremony.

Awards Recipients
American Chemical Society
Division of Polymer Chemistry Award
Laura Secor
American Chemical Society
Division of Environmental Chemistry Undergraduate Student Award
Ryan Espy
American Institute of Chemists Award David Guptill
Analytical Chemistry Award Scott Simpkins
Freshman Chemistry Awards Benjamin Johnson-Tesch, Audrey Messelt
Hypercube Scholar Award Molly Beernink
Frances Engelmann Knock Scholarships Andrew Corbett,  Scott Simpkins, Michael Swenson
Academic Assistants Nicholas Murray, Katherine Linstrand

80's Metal Moustache March - Chemistry Faculty vs. Seniors - Flyer

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Congratulations to Jason Schultz, a junior chemistry major, who was honored at the Fluorine Conference this January.

Gustavus' new chemistry faculty member Dwight Stoll has been awarded a prestigious 2008 Camille and Henry Dreyfus Faculty Start-up Award. Dr. Stoll is one of only eight new faculty members across the country to have received this award. The others are faculty at Franklin & Marshall College, Macalester College, Marshall University, Occidental College, Santa Clara University, The College of New Jersey, and Trinity College. Dr. Stoll will use the award to benefit his professional efforts.

Gustavus students prepared models during in the 2008 January-Term Molecular Modeling class. Click here to view their J-term projects.