The Team Puzzle

Team Building Activity

  • 1 puzzle per team (not too difficult, but it is ultimately your choice)
  • 1 blindfold per team


  1. Select a person that will put the pieces together, but they are blindfolded. 
  2. The team then has to describe the piece to the person and tell them where to put it. Do this until the puzzle is completed.
  3. Once the puzzle is finished, debrief and ask questions to the blindfolded person about how they felt during the process. What was frustrating to them or the other team members? What made them successful, what didn't? Why is this type of thing important?

You can make as many teams as you want and have as few as two people per team - making it a race. Communication and listening are key elements. Make it as difficult as you want - like putting the puzzle pieces a distance from the board and require the team members to guide/communicate with the blindfolded person to go get the piece and to tell them just what piece to get.