Magic Carpet

Team Building Activity


  • Tarp or bed sheet
  • Processing questions

Group’s Objective

  • Flip the tarp/sheet


  1. Instruct the group to stand on the carpet (tarp/sheet).
  2. Once everyone is settled, tell the group they are going on a magic carpet ride and have just risen 100 feet into the air, but unfortunately the directions to steer and land are on the other side of the carpet.
  3. Tell the group they must flip the carpet over while standing on it.
  4. Since the group is in the air, no one can get off the carpet at any time.
    • If the group loses a member due to a mid-air fall, they must start over.
  5. If the group flips the carpet and you have a lot of remaining time, ask them how quickly they think they can flip it and time them.

Processing Questions:

  • How does this activity relate to teamwork?
  • Did anyone emerge as a leader? What made that person a leader for the group?
  • Was anyone anxious during this activity? What made you feel anxious?
  • What implications does this activity have for us as a team?