Team Building Activity


  • 25 Numbered dots/mats
  • Rope/tarp as “base”
  • Stop watch
  • Processing questions

Group’s Objective:

  • Touch numbers 1-25 in order


  1. Tell the group they must start and finish on the base (about 15 feet from the calculator).
  2. Instruct the group that once you say “go” the group must go to the calculator and press numbers 1-25 in order
    • When a number is pressed, the person pressing it must say the number aloud
    • Everyone must touch at least one number
    • No one can touch more than one number in a row
    • Only one person can touch each number
  3. Time the group during their first run, then have the group create a goal to do the activity faster
  4. Give the group 1-2 minutes to create a plan and redo the activity

Processing Questions:

  • Did we reach our goal? What helped us do that or would have helped us do that?
  • What type of communication was used in attempting to solve the problem?
  • What would an outside observer say about our group’s strengths? What would they say our areas of growth are?
  • What are some ways we can apply the lessons learned in this activity to our experiences as a CF team?