2018/FA Art History I ART-101 001 Marsha Olson
2018/FA Drawing ART-110 001 Stan Shetka
2018/FA Drawing ART-110 002 Kristen Lowe
2018/FA Oil Painting ART-232 001 Betsy Byers
2018/FA Sculpt-Clay Model/Cstng ART-234 001 Stan Shetka
2018/FA Sculpture – Metal ART-235 001 Stan Shetka
2018/FA Darkroom Photography ART-240 001 Priscilla Briggs
2018/FA Handbuilt Ceramic Sculpture I ART-243 001 Nicolas Darcourt
2018/FA ST:Sculpture Projects ART-244 001 Andrew Hellmund
2018/FA Renaissance and Baroque Art ART-245 001 Don Myers ’83
2018/FA Water Based Media ART-246 001 Betsy Byers
2018/FA Elementary Art Education ART-248 001 Eva Hendrickson ’96
2018/FA Gender and Art ART-250 001 Marsha Olson
2018/FA Digital Photography ART-256 001 Priscilla Briggs
2018/FA Video Art ART-258 001 Priscilla Briggs
2018/FA The Arts of Asia ART-267 001 Marsha Olson
2018/FA Adv Sculpture-CBA ART-374 001 Stan Shetka
2018/FA Darkroom Photo II-CBA ART-380 001 Priscilla Briggs
2018/FA Handbuilt Ceramic Sculpture II ART-383 001 Nicolas Darcourt
2018/FA Independent Study ART-391 001 Betsy Byers
2018/FA Independent Study ART-391 002 Stan Shetka
2018/FA Arthist Theory-CBA ART-392 001 Marsha Olson
2018/FA Senior Seminar ART-399 001 Kristen Lowe

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