Career Opportunities

African Studies

Potential Career Paths with a Minor in African Studies

A major or a minor in African Studies offers graduates career opportunities in areas such as psychology, education, human development, history, anthropology etc. Graduates with an African Studies background can find employment in government, international development agencies, human service especially in immigrant communities, counseling service, Foreign Service, and the Peace Corps, among others. Moreover, a minor in African Studies helps to develop the whole person as it is the college‚Äôs mission to prepare graduates to be educated and well-informed citizens of the world. Africa is a continent that is often misrepresented and its people misunderstood. This program offers wonderful opportunities for students to develop their critical and analytical skills in assessing the perceptions, understandings, and misunderstandings of African peoples as well as their significant contributions to humankind. Graduates of the program will be in a better position to understand the complex experiences of Africans over space and time.