Appendix C: Faculty WRITD
Course Survey

Note:  This was sent as a .doc file to faculty participants at the end of the semester.

The following survey is completed by participating faculty members in Phase I of the WAC assessment.
NOTE: Discussion of modifications will occur within the WPAC spring 2011.

Please complete this faculty post-course survey by typing your responses within the document.

The Writing Program Advisory Committee chose to use open-ended questions because we believe such questions invite more candid, useful comments.

Responses by individual faculty members will not be shared with anyone other than the committee. We ask for your name only so that we know who has completed and returned the survey, and so that if we have any questions, we can follow up with the individual faculty member. Only a summative analysis will be prepared as part of the writing assessment.

We know your time is precious so thank you for completing the survey!

Once completed, please attach as an email and send to:

Please return via email by ______________.

Your Name_______________________________________


WRITD Course Taught (Departmental designation and course number):


WAC Criterion One: A WRITD course provides students with opportunities to read and analyze examples of discipline-specific writing.

1. How well prepared were the students within your class to do the work associated with WRITD? Please share an example or two to illustrate your perceptions.

2. What kinds of discipline-specific writing (such as case building papers, reflective papers, literary analyses, laboratory reports, etc.) did you ask students to review and how did you introduce these examples?

WAC Criterion Two: A WRITD course requires students to complete writing assignments that exemplify the structures, genres, and conventions of the disciplines.

3. How well did the writing assignment(s) within this course enable students to practice disciplinary conventions? As part of your response, please briefly describe one major writing assignment and which conventions were emphasized within that assignment. (You have submitted a first and final draft of an assignment for three students within your course so if you could describe this assignment that would be very helpful.)

4. What types of resources (handbooks, web sources, etc.) were used to support the teaching of writing conventions within this course?

WAC Criterion Three: A WRITD course offers students opportunities to revise their work with the help of an instructor's feedback.

5. Please describe the cycle of feedback and revision used within this course.

6. Please describe the most common kinds of revisions students were asked to make after you reviewed first draft assignments, and then comment on how valuable revision is in improving student writing in this course.

7. Please describe any patterns of concerns/ writing problems that were still evident in final drafts of papers written by students within your course.

A Few Final Questions…

8. How well prepared did you feel to teach the writing and revision process within this WRITD course?

9. What types of faculty development opportunities would be of value in helping you work with students to improve their writing?

10. Did you choose to include any language regarding services associated with the Writing Center within your syllabus or otherwise refer students to the WC? If so, please briefly explain types of services you recommended to your student (s).

Please save this document as: your last name-survey.doc

and return to jherman as an email attachment. Thank you!