Students who have declared a major in theatre and/or dance must participate in a review by the faculty of the department. This Junior Review is to position the student for T/D 370 and/or 398, and to provide the faculty of the department with information about the student’s goals and expectations after graduation.

The purpose of the Junior Review is to bring your goals and accomplishments to the department a whole for feedback and guidance;  to insure that all requirements will be met in a timely fashion; to discuss ideas for your T/D 370 or Honors project; and to look at goals for your senior year and beyond.

Guidelines for the major junior review

The faculty conducts a series of individual reviews of students who, by the end of their sophomore year, have declared a theatre/dance major. At a conference with each junior, the faculty will evaluate the student’s cumulative work in the department and help direct the remaining course of study in preparation for graduate school, professional theatre work, or a transition to another field, such as law, business or education. A portfolio of materials, accumulated throughout a major’s career, will be a vital tool for the assessment of educational outcomes.  The purpose of the first review, held in the fall of the major’s junior year, is to assess the student’s progress toward meeting the major requirements, to assist in balancing general curriculum requirements with the major and with any off-campus study, to support the student in developing performance or technical skills, and to review the portfolio as a work-in-progress.

A preparatory meeting with your advisor is suggested to discuss your degree audit and your goals—both immediate and long term. A sample professional resume, and a more complete listing of all work accomplished so far are a good basis for this conversation. It is also appropriate to brainstorm and bring a list of ideas for your 370 or Honors project to this meeting so that it can be refined for the department conference. A portfolio should already be under way at this time. T/D 390 Advanced Studies in Performance: Reflection, Documentation, and Presentation should be taken during the junior year.