Internships/Shadows/Study Abroad

Majors and minors are strongly encouraged to consider a professional internship or study away (study abroad) program. Such programs are arranged individually, based on the interests and skills of the student. Gustavus theatre and dance students have held internships at many major theatres and dance companies in this country and have received credit for study all over the world. Gustavus students have studied in Russia, India, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Nepal, Germany, France and England (among others).

Students should check with the Center for International and Cultural Education regarding possible study away programs and with the Career Center for individualized internships. To encourage and accommodate study abroad and internships, the Department will consider substitutions in major and minor programs. The Theatre and Dance department will accept for review petitions for course substitution from students whose going abroad will mean they will miss a course required for the major or minor. Should this be the case, you may request that another course (either one that you would take while abroad or another course here on campus) substitute for the required course. Generally, students who will seek to use the study abroad course in place of required course should make sure that: a) the request for substitution is made before the study abroad experience; b) the study abroad experience has a significant theatre and/or dance component.

Studying off campus is a once in a lifetime experience; for most students, the cost of a semester-long study abroad experience is only slightly (given the total amount you are spending in your education) more expensive than staying on campus. Generally speaking, all of your Gustavus financial aid, with the exception of work-study and certain scholarships that require on-campus participation, will apply. For most students, a combination of financial aid, additional loans, work and family contributions can make study abroad affordable. The Theatre and Dance department encourages all students to carefully study actual program costs before deciding not to go abroad for financial reasons. The study abroad advisor in the Center for International and Cultural Education is available to help you with your program selection and cost questions. Also see the section on funding opportunities for more information.

Academic credit for internships or career explorations must be arranged through the career center.

There are many summer stock theatres in the United States that hire college theatre and dance students during the summer season. A good place to start looking for these jobs is in ArtSearch (available to check out from the technical director), posters on the callboards, the bulletin boards in the basement and online. You should also talk with the faculty in your area of interest for more information and help in finding a place that fits your needs. Some summer stocks provide room and board, others do not.

These summer jobs are posted as early as December. January is the big months for technical theatre position postings and February and March are big posting months for acting jobs.