Residential Life at Gustavus

Life on the Hill

Location, location, location. In your college experience, nothing beats living on campus. You’ll be in the center of the action, giving you access to all of the activities that help Gusties get more out of college.

The residential college setting ensures you don't miss out on the spontaneous moments that make college memorable. Whether it's joining a late-night study group, recording a TikTok, or going to a residence hall event (such as monthly poker tournaments and holiday decorating competitions), the connections you form and experiences you share contribute to a holistic education that goes beyond textbooks. Our Residential Life staff builds programming throughout the year celebrating the college's core values: excellence, service, faith, justice, and community.

Housing at Gustavus

As a four-year residential college, Gustavus requires that all full-time students live in college housing. There are many benefits to living on campus at Gustavus (besides the convenience of a five minute walk to your 8 a.m. class!).

  • Location: With your best friends down the hall and close proximity to all of your classes, Lund Fitness Center, the library, dining hall, two coffee shops, and other campus resources, you'll find convenience and community at your doorstep.
  • Safety: You can be at ease knowing that you are in the company of faculty, staff, and other students who are concerned about one another’s safety on our inclusive campus.
  • Community: Meet new people, get involved in campus activities, and build lifelong friendships. It helps that our campus is busy seven days a week! You’ll find the majority of Gusties on campus on the weekends.
  • Personal Development: You’ll grow as a person as you learn how to manage your time, solve problems, and live independently. Part of a residential college experience is gaining new perspectives alongside peers from different walks of life.
  • Knowledgeable Guidance: Gustavus employs Collegiate Fellows (current students) who focus on developing community and creating a respectful and fun residential environment.

Where do Gusties live?

Specific details vary from dorm to dorm and student to student, however, this is a picture of what your residence hall journey could be like during your four years at Gustavus.

  • First-Year
    • First-year students live in Sohre Hall or Norelius Hall. 
      • Pittman Hall: Double occupancy rooms with one roommate, sink in the rooms, shared bathrooms
      • Norelius Hall: Double occupancy rooms with one roommate, section style layout with 12 rooms opening up to a common lounge space, shared bathrooms
      • Tiktok tour of Norelius
  • Sophomore Year
    • Many sophomore students live in what Gusties commonly call “Complex.” North, Gibbs, and Sorensen Halls are all connected, meaning many of your friends live right down the hall!
    • Other common choices for a smaller community experience are in Rundstrom Hall and Prairie View Hall.
    • All double occupancy rooms with one roommate.
  • Junior Year
    • Housing options vary junior year.
      • Juniors live in double occupancy rooms, singles, or triples.
  • Senior Year
    • Most seniors live in on-campus apartments or suites.
      • Suites - each person gets their own bedroom, shared bathroom, and common living space.
      • Apartments - full kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms.
      • Tiktok tour of College View

Housing accommodations for those requesting it (for medical reasons related to a disability) are available. There are also multiple open-gender housing options across campus. We believe that all people in the Gustavus community should feel a sense of belonging, and there should be equitable access to all resources, including housing opportunities.

All residence halls have kitchens available and no-fee laundry facilities.


Having a roommate can be a beneficial way to become connected to the community. You have the option to either choose your own roommate or allow the Residential Life staff to facilitate the match. You can search for a potential roommate based on the preferences and characteristics you've provided.

Weekends at Gustavus

Weekends at Gustavus are not just downtime; they're an integral part of the vibrant residential college experience. Our lively campus pulses with activities that extend beyond the classroom, enriching your college journey in countless ways. With 85% of the student body staying on campus on the weekends, you might be wondering what students do to have fun and stay engaged on campus. Between games, concerts, and cultural events, students stay busy going from one activity to the next.

Ultimately, most Gusties aren’t in their room much throughout the day, because they are in class, at practice or rehearsal, eating meals with friends, or writing a big paper in the library. You want to feel at home in your residence hall, but it mainly serves as a launching pad for the rest of your academic and extracurricular activities on campus. This proximity allows you to maximize your participation in campus activities, making the most of your college years and shaping a well-rounded, fulfilling experience.

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