Servant-Leadership Program

2012-13 Applications are now available for this program. General information can be found here.

For incoming first-years (in the fall of 2012) - the Apprentice application and the recommendation form.

For current first-years and sophomores - the Apprentice application and the recommendation form.

For upperclass students - the Ambassadors / Partners application and the recommendation form.


Applications are still being accepted for this program for 2012-2013!

Apprentice applications are due Monday, May 7

and Ambassador/Partner applications are due April 27!

The Gustavus Center for Servant-Leadership is proud to announce the Servant Leadership Program (SLP).  The program consists of three distinctive but collaborative groups focused on service and self-discovery. As a flagship program of the Center, the SLP is designed to develop the principles of servant-leadership in those recognized as exceptional people, outstanding leaders, and dedicated students. 

Each group is based on personal development and reflection.  All new members are required to become an Apprentice for their first year with the program.  However, in subsequent years, members will have the opportunity to develop the “outer” components of their self-development and connect with the broader community through meaningful partnerships and research projects by becoming either an Ambassador or Partner (or both). 

The SLP is an opportunity for those students interested in community service and offers a space for those desiring to discover passions, deepen relationships, discern vocation as well as serve the community.  Each group is supported by an annual stipend in addition to a professional development fund to be used for materials and supporting community engagement.