Scandinavian Studies

Below is a list of potential scholarship opportunities for study away in Sweden:

Scholarship offerings for studying in other Nordic countries:

  • Lakselaget Scholarship for women from Minnesota who wish to study in Norway (due March 1)
  • Gilman International Scholarship is a federal program that awards up to $5000 for Pell Grant recipients studying abroad
  • DIS Study in Scandinavia Scholarships for DIS programs in Stockholm and Copenhagen, need- and merit-based awards ranging from $250 to $10,000 (multiple cycles depending on terms of study abroad)
  • HECUA Scholarships, including Scholarship for Racial Justice, Scholarship for Social Justice, and Scholarship for Community Engagement – any of which can be used to study in their Globalization, National Identity, and the Politics of Belonging program in Norway
  • USAC Scholarships, including awards targeted to first-generation students, students with military service, STEM majors as well as general awards – any of which can be used to study at their already very affordable program at the University of Oslo
  • SIT Scholarships and Financial Aid: SIT has a number of scholarships available as well as need-based aid. For Pell Grant recipients, SIT matches the student's Pell Grant amount for the semester, dollar-for-dollar. So a student who has a $1500 Pell Grant at Gustavus would also get $1500 taken off of their SIT study abroad program fee (in addition to still being able to use their grant!). All of SIT's aid and scholarships can be used for the environmental studies program in Iceland and Greenland.
  • CIEE typically offers set-aside scholarships for Gusties for their Open Campus sites, including Copenhagen. These vary by term, and students have to get information from Bryan Messerly or Roger Adkins in Gustavus’s CICE (Center for International and Cultural Education). The 12 Open Campus sites (will be 14 sites from spring 2020, though Copenhagen remains the only Nordic one) follow a common semester calendar with three, self-contained, 6-week blocks in the semester, allowing students to stay in just one site or divide the semester between up to three sites. Each block includes two courses at 0.75 Gustavus units. For fall 2019, awards are $4000 for each student staying at one site, and $6000 for each student studying in two or three sites.