Psy 103 India 2009
Dr. Barbara Simpson, psychology

Travel to fabulous India. Explore its exquisite wealth, exotic architecture and varied landforms. Sample its exotic cuisine, folkways, customs, and lore.  Discover that the most exotic spaces in the world are those located inside the mind.  India, the country is increasingly the focus of attention in the world of business and trade.  This course will introduce the student to the issues and challenges of living in, communicating with people from, and understanding India.  In taking the course, the student will see aspects of American and western culture with fresh new perspective.  While in India, the place, the student will also study how to handle better the challenges of everyday life by learning about and practicing the healing arts of Reiki, Indigenous (ayurvedic) medicine, Indian yoga, oriental massage, music, theater as human development, and the healing function of art with Indian masters of these traditions.  Those students who are interested can also study symbols and their interpretation, guided imagery, and meditation with the course instructor.  I will not do those things with the guests present, as India has a strong ‘guru’ tradition which makes my doing so a less than sophisticated guest.  However I am interested in talking with you about those experiences at any other times.  You will do so by arranging something with me in the ‘open’ times, when traveling into town or other places on the bus, and/or anytime you see the lights on in my little house that you can see from your dormitory.   Students in this course will leave from MSP to travel to Bangalore on January 1, 2008 and will return to from Bangalore to MSP on Saturday, January 31, 2009.  Grades for the course will be based on class participation, individual practice, a project, and on daily reflections on class activities and practice.