Lab Manager and Research Assistant University of Rochester, NY

Jessica Cantlon and Brad Mahon (PIs) are seeking a full-time lab manager and research assistant, for their *new labs* at the University of Rochester, New York.  The position will offer the exciting opportunity to engage in a wide array of research methods converging on the topic of conceptual thought.  The research focuses on the organization of concepts and categories (e.g., faces, tools, numbers, and letters) in both the adult and developing brain.  Techniques include functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) with adults and pre-school children, behavioral tests with adults and preschoolers, and neuropsychological tests with brain damaged patients.  The responsibilities of the position include subject recruiting, IRB protocol maintenance, designing and programming stimulus materials, data collection using the techniques described above, and data analysis.  Desired skills include experience with children in a laboratory, clinical, or educational setting, neuroimaging testing experience, and basic programming experience with Matlab and/or any neuroimaging software package (e.g., SPM, BrainVoyager, or FSL). The position start date is no later than August 2009.  Salary is approximately $31K, depending on experience, plus full benefits.  To apply, please send your CV to Jessica Cantlon ( <>) and cc Brad Mahon ( <>).  Interviews will be scheduled in late March and will continue until a candidate is hired. <>