William Freiert


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Emeritus Professor in Classical Studies

William K. Freiert retired from full-time teaching in 2010. The following year he was elected to honorary membership in Phi Beta Kappa.  Since retirement, he has regularly taught a First-Term-Seminar on the topic of Mindfulness as well as several Classics courses and has taught annually in the Osher Life Long Learning Program in Minneapolis and lectured many times for the Learning is Forever program in Rochester.  At Gustavus, he had been Hanson-Peterson Professor of Liberal Studies and Chair of the Classics Department. He has graduate degrees from St. Louis University and the University of Minnesota and he has done further study at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens and at Harvard University.

Most of his publications deal with the influence of the Classics on twentieth-century literature and the arts. His most recent article dealt with the Ojibwe novelist, David Treuer.  He has delivered dozens of conference papers or invited lectures at other colleges. He spent 1992 as an exchange professor in Japan and has taught a first-term seminar on Japanese culture. Most of his other teaching involved Greco-Roman myth, drama, and poetry and he was a frequent contributor to Curriculum II. He has participated in NEH summer seminars on Japanese philosophy and on Greek mythology and has been the president of two state professional organizations.

During the 1997-98 academic year, Freiert was a Fulbright lecturer at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. He was the 1986 recipient of Gustavus' Edgar M. Carlson Award for Distinguished Teaching and the 2005 Faculty Service Award. He has also received the American Philological Association's Award for Excellence in Teaching. Freiert served for eight years on the Board of the Minnesota Humanities Center.


B.A. and M.A. St. Louis University - Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Courses Taught

Synonym Title Times Taught Terms Taught
CLA-101 Myth and Meaning 39 2016/SP, 2015/SP, 2010/SP, 2008/SP, 2007/SP, 2006/SP, 2005/JN, 2003/JN, and 2001/JN
CLA-111 Myth and Meaning 24 2005/SP, 2002/SP, 2001/SP, and 1999/SP
FTS-100 FTS:Happiness 14 2017/FA, 2016/FA, 2015/FA, 2013/FA, 2012/FA, 2011/FA, 2010/FA, 2007/FA, 2005/FA, 2004/FA, 2004/SP, and 2003/SP
CUR-100 Historical Perspective I 14 2008/FA, 2006/FA, 2003/FA, 2002/FA, 2000/FA, and 1999/FA
CUR-399 Senior Seminar 8 2019/SP, 2018/FA, 2017/SP, 2016/FA, 2011/SP, 2010/SP, 2009/FA, and 1999/SP
GRE-231 Plato and the Intellectual Revolution 4 2004/FA, 2003/FA, 2001/FA, and 1999/FA
GRE-201 Plato and the Intellectual Revolution 3 2008/FA, 2007/FA, and 2006/FA
CLA-398 Honors Thesis 3 2008/SP, 2007/SP, and 2006/SP
CLA-268 Career Exploration 3 2007/JN, 2005/JN, and 2004/JN
CLA-399 Honors Thesis 3 2003/SP, 2002/SP, and 2000/SP
LAT-202 Vergil's Aeneid 2 2012/SP and 2010/SP
GRE-303 Homer 2 2009/FA and 2005/FA
CLA-107 Classical America 2 2008/JN and 2007/JN
LAT-375 Latin Prose Composition 2 2006/SP and 2000/SP
GRE-375 Greek Prose Composition 2 2005/SP and 2003/FA
LAT-231 Reading Latin Literature 2 2004/FA and 2002/FA
GRE-232 Greek New Testament 2 2004/SP and 2002/SP
GRE-373 Homer 2 2004/SP and 2000/SP
CLA-134 Theatre of Greece and Rome 2 2004/SP and 2000/SP
LAT-373 Cicero and Sallust: The Fall of the Roman Republic 2 2003/FA and 2001/FA
CUR-250 Literary Experience 1 2018/SP
CLA-201 Ancient Greek History and Culture 1 2013/FA
LAT-201 Reading Latin Literature 1 2011/FA
GRE-102 Greek II 1 2006/SP
LAT-303 Cicero and Sallust: The Fall of the Roman Republic 1 2005/FA
LAT-104 Medical Terminology 1 2005/SP
LAT-372 Horace and the Roman Poets 1 2003/SP
CLA-112 Great Books of the Greek and Roman World 1 2003/SP
CLA-102 Women in Classical Antiquity 1 2002/JN
GRE-372 Greek Tragedy 1 2001/FA
LAT-371 Livy: Foundation of the Roman Republic 1 2000/FA
LAT-232 Vergil's Aeneid 1 2000/SP
CLA-105 Black Persephone 1 2000/JN
Courses prior to Spring semester 1999 are not displayed.