Gustavus Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Gustavus alum or parent of a Gustavus student to participate in a Gustavus Study Tour?
No, trips are open to all who wish to participate.

What is the age range of Study Tour participants?
Study Tour participants range in age from people in their late teens to retirees. Often a group is a mix of people in their forties to their eighties. Shared interest in a destination and topic of the trip create a bond that goes beyond age.

What are the physical demands of Study Tours?
A person should be healthy and physically capable to successfully travel. Transportation is usually by private coach bus. Within a city, expect a fair amount of walking. Participants should be capable of walking several miles per day over uneven terrain, climbing stairs, and coping with the emotional demands of being in a different culture and as part of a group for many hours each day. People who have questions about the physical demands of a specific program should speak with the trip leader.

How many people are in a typical trip?
The group on a Study Tour will range in size from 15 people – 35 people. Companion tours with a music ensemble, may also mean traveling with an ensemble of 55-65 Gustavus students.

Can children participate in Study Tours?
Young adults (15-19) are welcome to accompany adults on Study Tours if they are prepared to participate in the trip itinerary and group activities. Please consult the group leader if you are planning on bringing a young adult.

May I travel as a single person?
Both singles and couples are encouraged to travel. The trip leader will work to help the group connect with each other and we expect a group will work to include all members. As a single person, you may pay extra for a single room or we can put you in contact with other singles and you can determine if you would be compatible as roommates.

Are there required lectures and tests?
A Study Tour is learning for the pure joy of learning. There are no required assignments or tests. Seminar discussions are offered on several occasions throughout the trip, typically lasting 60 minutes. Groups visit historic sites, museums, art galleries or attend music or theater performances that illuminate topics discussed in the seminars. Program leaders provide resource lists in advance for those who want to become more familiar with the history and culture of their Study Tour destination.

Will I have time to explore on my own?
Tours are designed to provide a balance of structured and unstructured time. During the unstructured time, we hope participants enjoy the opportunity to explore a city on their own, to select their own restaurant and meal, and to select their own evening entertainment. 

Do I have to fly with the group?
No, we can assist you with your flight plans. Airlines often allow a small percentage of "deviations" before imposing penalties. If you're interested in this option, contact us early.

What is typically included in the program cost?
Based on double occupancy, the program fee usually includes

  • Seminars by the program leader and guest lecturers
  • Accommodations (not including incidental charges such as room service)
  • Airfare
  • Breakfast daily and several other group meals
  • Entrance fees (including some evening entertainment)
  • Group tours
  • Ground transportation (except airport transfers)
  • Most Gratuities

There is a supplement charge for single occupancy.

Is travel insurance included in the program fee?
No, travel insurance is not included, but we strongly recommend that Study Tour participants purchase it.