Society of Physics Students (Physics Club) and Sigma Pi Sigma

Activities for the 2010-11 academic year

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  • Physics Softball -- fall, spring
  • Physics Wallyball -- late fall, winter, and early spring
  • Snow Football -- periodically throughout the winter season
  • Student Summer research talks
  • Sigma Pi Sigma Banquet
  • Fall and Spring Physics Picnics and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Feeds
  • Movie Nights
  • Physics Demos -- Nobel Conference, senior day
  • Science Saturday and Grade School Demonstrations
  • Adopt-A-Highway
  • Habitat for Humanity

Fall Physics Picnic:

Field Trip to the Soudan Mine (MINOS Project):

Science and Nature Camp - Fall 2010:

SPS Halloween:

Highway Cleanup - Fall 2010:

Salsa Dancing:

Physics Christmas Party:

Sigma Pi Sigma (National Physics Honor Society) Induction Ceremony:

Officers for 2010-11 Academic Year

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