About the DepartmentDepartment of Physics

The Department of Physics in its curriculum endeavors to provide a unified presentation of all the major areas in physics to fulfill the needs and interests of a variety of students. This presentation is set in a liberal arts context such that, in addition to the ideas, experiments, and theories, the philosophical and cultural implications of physics are considered.

The physics department offers a comprehensive major designed to prepare students for graduate study in physics, engineering, or related fields. The physics curriculum also provides majors in teaching and interdisciplinary programs, as well as the physics component of pre-engineering and other pre-professional programs.

Program Features

  • Excellent preparation for:
    • Graduate school in physics and engineering
    • Medical school
    • Law school
    • Teaching
    • Direct employment in many fields
  • Nationally recognized producer of majors
  • Nationally recognized origin of Ph.Ds
  • Close interaction with faculty
  • Individualized advising
  • Opportunities for on-campus research
  • Active student organizations
  • 3-2 engineering dual-degree offered

Course Information

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Minnesota State Education Standards: 5-8 General Science Teaching Major

Minnesota State Education Standards: 9-12 Physical Science Teaching Major