Consideration for PBK is given to juniors or seniors demonstrating competence in foreign language and math, who have broad cultural interests, and who have devoted 75 percent of their coursework toward liberal studies. The minimum grade point average for juniors is currently set at 3.9 and 3.7 for seniors. There is no application for membership in our chapter. Recommendations from tenured or tenure track faculty who can speak to a nominee's suitability for membership in PBK are welcome, but not required, for nomination.

The process begins by identifying eligible students by grade point average; next individual transcripts are evaluated to make sure that the math, foreign language, and breadth requirements are met. Students are then nominated for membership by the Members in Course Committee and voted on for membership by the entire chapter.

Members in Course

The Members in Course Sub-Committee evaluates the transcripts of two hundred fifty (or so) students each year who meet the minimum GPA, mathematics, foreign language, and breadth of study requirements. Ultimately, after careful evaluation fewer than 65 students are chosen to join our chapter. The invitation to join PBK represents recognition of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity among the liberal studies students at our campus. The Members in Course Sub-Committee is comprised of between 5 - 8 Phi Beta Kappa faculty members here at Gustavus Adolphus College.