Firethorne — The Gustavus Journal of Literary and Graphic Arts

Firethorne Submission Policy

Firethorne is Gustavus Adolphus College's student-run literary magazine comprised solely of student work. Firethorne is published twice a year, with a supplemental in the fall and a full-length publication in the spring.

Students may submit their work by emailing with "Firethorne Submission" in the subject line and the student's name, year, and major included in the body of the email.  Emails must attach prose and poetry in Microsoft Word format in a standard font without color (Times New Roman, 12 pt.). Attachment file names should reflect the titles of the work you are submitting and the student's name should not be included anywhere in the document itself. Artwork and photography must be sent as a JPEG file with reasonable file compression (300-600 dpi), again with the file name reflecting the title of the piece. Multiple submissions should be sent as separate attachements. Drawings/paintings/etc. that are being submitted may either be scanned and then emailed, or can be a high quality physical copy. The Firethorne encourages collaboration between artistis and photographers; pictures of sculpture and other multimedia works will be credited to both their creators and photographers. Physical copies of paper artwork can be submitted through the Gustavus Adolphus post office and sent to Professor Baker Lawley.  Firethorne will not publish anonymous work or materials submitted from a non-Gustavus email address. 

The Managing Editor will systematically code all submitted work and turn over the submitted work, without attribution, for the editors’ scrutiny. Firethorne staff will admit submissions for creativity, originality and artistic value. 

For prose, submissions should be 2500 words or less. Artwork and photography can be color and up to any size, however please take note that color may be cost prohibitive depending on available funds. In this event, Firethorne staff will convert artwork to grayscale with the submitter’s consent.

Submissions marked for publication will appear in their original submitted form except for technical aspects such as font, size, page placement and corrections of obvious grammatical errors.  Stylistic changes (i.e. word substitutions, changes in length of the work, word omissions, etc.) recommended by the editors will be made only with the submitter's consent. If recommended changes are not approved by the submitter, they will not be made; however the publication of the work will then be determined by the Firethorne staff as it reflects our artistic mission for the publication as a whole. It is against Firethorne policy to publish works that do not reflect the submitter’s artistic integrity.

Firethorne will publish up to two works from an individual student in each issue. This policy is applicable to both Firethorne editors and the general student body. Staff members' works will undergo the editing process like all other submissions.

The views and/or opinions expressed in the publication are not to be taken as those of Firethorne staff or its associated bodies. Materials deemed to place the publication at risk for liability with regard to obscenity or profanity in connection with hate speech, slander or other illegal forms of speech will be removed at the staff’s discretion.  Work found to be fraudulent in nature or plagiarized will be disqualified upon confirmation.

Inquiries into Firethorne can be made by contacting:

Baker Lawley, Associate Professor of English
Gustavus Adolphus College
800 West College Avenue
St. Peter, MN 56082
or e-mail Baker Lawley (

This policy was revised December 2014. Firethorne, MMVI all rights reserved.