Admission Information


Our Admission Process Versus Guaranteed Admission

We often receive the question about why we do not offer guaranteed admission. As a faculty, we feel our admissions process offers the same potential benefits as other programs with guaranteed admissions, with some additional benefits:

  • Our admission process involves multiple components that take into account the liberal arts background of our students. The process includes an essay, interview, and math competency evaluation, in addition to the evaluation of a student’s GPA. Through this process, we can select candidates that are well-rounded.
  • Our admission process examines your GPA after the completion of three semesters, allowing you as a student to adjust to college and demonstrate your academic abilities over time.
  • Our admission process allows students time to decide on the nursing major after completion of their first year of courses, which is beneficial for students still exploring college majors.
  • We have a relatively small wait list each year (if one at all). We are able to accept most qualified students interested in our program- up to 32 students each year.