Application & Admission

Application and Admission to the Nursing Major

Students should consult with the Nursing Department Chair or the Administrative Assistant as soon as possible to express an interest in the completion of a nursing major. Enrollment in the program is limited and admission is competitive; therefore, early consultation, preferably in the first year, is recommended.

Nursing Administrative Assistant: Lisa Koppelman 
Phone: 507-933-7123 

Nursing Department Chair: Heidi Meyer 
Phone: 507-933-6094 

Students are welcome to consult the Nursing Department Chair for assitance in selecting courses pre-requisite to the nursing major.

Application Information

  1. The application process occurs each spring. Students are eligible to apply to the major if they are on track to complete all nine pre-requisite nursing courses by the end of spring semester (typically of the sophomore year). 
  2. In the spring semester and by appointment, applicants will:
    1. Complete an application profile.
    2. Complete an essay, including a short series of medication calculation problems.
    3. Complete an interview.
  3. Acceptance into the Nursing major will be considered after spring semester based on the following criteria (scored by the Nursing department):
    • Cumulative grade point average after 3 semesters (0 - 4 points)
    • Cumulative grade point average of all prerequisite courses (0 - 4 points)
    • Essay and medication calculation problems (0 - 4 pointts)
    • Interview (0 - 4 points)
    • Student status (enrolled, graduate, or transfer) (0 - 4 points)
  4. Students whose application scores are within the top 30 will be accepted to the Nursing program. In addition to the above application criteria, students must also meet the follwoing:
    • a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.85;
    • all Nursing pre-requisite courses taken for a letter grade;
    • successful completion of all Nursing prerequisite courses with a minimum GPA of 2.85;
    • a grade of C or higher in all Nursing prerequisite courses; and
    • be in good standing with the College. If a student's status changes to no longer being in good standing with the College after admission to the Nursing proram, agreement to and compliance with a behavioral contract approved by the Nursing department is required to remain in the program.
  5. Students will be notified of their acceptance to the nursing major by a letter from the nursing department chair following spring semester.

  6. Students must submit proof of the following prior to beginning the nursing courses in the fall of the junior year:
    • Current certification as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA);
    • Current certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR);
    • Physical exam, immunizations, and proof of health insurance;
    • Successful background check; and
    • Completion of Medication Calculation workbook.
      • Failure to submit proof of meeting all requirements above by the deadline provided will result in removal of the program.
  7. Eligible students whose application scores are below the top 30 will be offered a spot on the Nursing program waitlist. Waitlisted students will be informed of their rank on the waitlist. If openings occur, positions in the program will be offered to waitlisted students in their ranked order, so long as they continue to meet all the eligibility requirements for the program. Waitlisted students may reapply to the Nursing program in the spring of their junior year. No preference will be given to reapplying students.

  8. Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements for the department will be denied admission. 
Admission Information

Prospective students often question why Gustavus Nursing does not offer guaranteed admission. The Nursing faculty at Gustavus feels the admission process offers the same potential benefits as other programs with guaranteed admissions, with some additional benefits:

  • The Gustavus nursing admission process involves multiple components that take into account the liberal arts background of students. In addition to the evaluation of a student’s GPA, the process includes an interview, an essay, and medication calculation problems. This process allows students to show their strengths and abilities in a variety of ways, allowing the nursing program to select well-rounded candidates.
  • The Gustavus nursing admission process examines applicant GPA’s after the completion of four semesters, allowing students to adjust to college and demonstrate academic abilities over time.
  • The Gustavus nursing admission process allows students time to decide on the nursing major after completion of their first year of courses, which is beneficial for students still exploring college majors.
  • The Gustavus nursing program has a relatively small wait list each year, if even one at all. The nursing program accepts up to 30 qualified students into the program each year.