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The annual Winds of Christmas Concert in Christ Chapel

December 6

Conductors James Patrick Miller and Heidi Johanna Miller lead the combined musicians from the Gustavus Wind Orchestra and the Gustavus Wind Symphony in this annual favorite in Christ Chapel. Public is welcome and tickets are not required.

Upcoming events
Date Event
Dec 6 1010:30 am The annual Winds of Christmas Concert in Christ Chapel Chapel
Dec 7 910 pm Third Street Jazz: Gustavus Jazz at Patrick's's on Third
Dec 9 810 pm Michael Johnson in Concert, A Gustavus Artist Series Presentation Recital Hall
Dec 10 10:30 am to noon A Woodwind Chamber Ensembles Concert Recital Hall
1:303 pm 2016 Brassworks! in Concert Recital Hall
Dec 11 1:303 pm The Gustavus Philharmonic Orchestra Fall Concert Recital Hall
79 pm A String Chamber Concert Recital Hall
Feb 11, 2017 1:303:30 pm The Gustavus Wind Orchestra Home Concert 2017 Recital Hall
7:309:30 pm The Gustavus Choir's 2017 Home Concert Chapel
Past events
Date Event
Nov 20 1:303 pm The Gustavus Percussion Ensemble Fall Concert Recital Hall
Nov 19 1:303 pm Isabel Carlson, student violin recital Recital Hall
Nov 18 7:309 pm A Faculty Recital by James DeVoll, flute and Szu-Ling Wu, piano Recital Hall
Nov 13 3:305 pm Fall Concert by the Gustavus Vocal Jazz Ensemble and the Jazz Combos Recital Hall
1:303 pm Fall Concert by Gustavus Jazz Lab Band, Dave Stamps, director & the Adolphus Jazz Ensemble, John Engebretson, director Recital Hall
Nov 12 1:303 pm Fall Concert by the Gustavus Wind Orchestra, James Patrick Miller, conductor & the Gustavus Wind Symphony, Heidi Johanna Miller, conductor Recital Hall
Nov 7 79 pm 2016 Gustavus Honor Band Festival Concert Chapel
Nov 67 The 2016 Gustavus Honor Band Festival Fine Arts, Bjorling Recital Hall & Christ Chapel
Nov 6 910 pm 2016 Gustavus Honor Band Festival: Gustavus Jazz Lab Band Showcase Recital Hall
Nov 4 7:309:30 pm The Gustavus Symphony Orchestra Fall Concert, Ruth Lin, conductor Recital Hall