Mentoring Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions - Mentors

Why should I participate as a mentor? 
A great mentor understands that the goal of mentoring is to provide guidance and support for your mentee. Being part of the Gustavus Mentoring Program is also a great way to give back to the Gustavus community and to be a positive influence in another Gustie's life.

I am not an alumni of Gustavus, can I still participate in the mentoring program?
Yes, mentors can be Gustavus graduates, faculty, staff or friends of the College.

I have not heard from my mentee.
You can model positive behavior by initiating contact and getting the ball rolling. Your mentee may learn from your commitment! 

I can't attend the kickoff event, can I still participate in the mentoring program?
Of course! While strongly encouraged, there are no requirements to attend any of the events.

I live out of state, can I still be a mentor?
Yes, we have mentors who live in all states as well as many other countries!

How often should I meet with my mentee?
The goal is to have consistent monthly contact with your mentee. However, it's truly based on whatever works best for you and your mentee.

My mentee is not responding, what should I do?
If your mentee never calls you back, it may mean they are struggling with time management. You have an opportunity to continue to pursue your mentee and be a consistent presence in the midst of busy college life. If you continue to struggle to connect please reach out to the Mentoring Specialist to help.

I have a mentee whose major is different from my career field, what should I do?
Mentors can give advice and guidance and transferable messages to people in varying career paths or from the mentee page about Pairings are not matched solely by major. The system also takes into account the career interests, preferred location, activities, personal interests or if they bookmarked anyone in the community as someone you would like to connect with.

Will there be an orientation for mentors?
There is an online orientation at the start of each year.

Is it okay to talk to my mentee over the phone?
Communication can occur by means such as by email, phone, Skype, in-person, etc. You can also communicate directly through the PeopleGrove platform.