Mathematics Education Advising Guide (2021 - 2022)

Mathematics Education Major 

This section lists the requirements of the Mathematics Education major. A grade of C- or higher is necessary in all courses used to satisfy the requirements of the major. Additionally, you can use the Mathematics Major Form, This form will help you plan out your mathematics courses and requirements which are as follows:

  1. The Mathematics Core: These five courses form the core of the major and should usually be taken during the first and second years. 
    1. MCS-122 Calculus II or MCS-132 Honors Calculus II
    2. MCS-150 Discrete Mathematics
    3. MCS-221 Linear Algebra
    4. MCS-222 Multivariate Calculu
  2. Breadth: These two courses in cognate fields to mathematics serve to give breadth to the mathematics major.
    1. MCS-142 Introduction to Statistics
    2. MCS-177 Introduction to Computer Science I
  3. Writing: Students must take MCS-213. 
  4. State Licensure: Students must take MCS-303 as it contains material for Minnesota state licensure.
  5. Electives: Three additional mathematicas courses at the 200 or 300 level. Students should consult with their advisors to discuss which courses best fit their needs. 

Sample Student Plans

All students should ideally lay out a schedule of their own showing what courses they plan to take, and when they plan to take them. The schedule may not accurately forecast the future, but it is helpful none the less. A printable sample plan can be found on the Mathematics Major Form

Math Education (Even Year Graduation)

  Fall J Term Spring
1st Year MCS-122
MCS 222
2nd Year MCS-177   MCS-221
3rd Year Elective   Elective
4th Year Elective

Math Education (Odd Year Graduation)

  Fall J Term Spring
1st Year MCS-122

MCS 222
2nd Year MCS-150   MCS-221
3rd Year  Elective


4th Year Elective    Student