Mathematics Major Form

Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics

Basic Information

Student  ___________________________          Advisor  ___________________________

Note: A grade of a C- or better is required for all courses used to satisfy the major. 


Mathematics Core:

          ____________________  MCS-122 Calculus II or MCS-132 Honors Calculus II

          ____________________  MCS-150 Discrete Mathematics

          ____________________  MCS-220 Theory of Calculus

          ____________________  MCS-221 Linear Algebra

          ____________________  MCS-222 Multivariate Calculus

Breadth Courses

          ____________________  MCS-142 Introduction to Statistics

          ____________________  MCS-177 Introduction to Computer Science I


Immersive Experience  

          ____________________  MCS-______ 

          ____________________  MCS-______ 

Collaborative Experience


          ____________________  MCS-______


          ____________________  MCS-______


Additional Plans

          Study abraod          Internship          Honors degree          Research          Other

Student Plan:

  Fall J-Term Spring

1st Year


2nd Year


3rd Year


4th Year